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Heey, not really had time to come on lately. Its the summer holidays&I’ve not long came back from spain.It waas really, I might tell use in another post. Guess what, After the summer holidays im going to Highschool, Im excited but nervous. We’ve been up for an enduction day before where we met all the people from other school, I met alot of nice people which will be in my classes after summer. I might not be on alot, I always says I will come on but I cant always. Ive got to go,Byee. Enjoy your summer holidayss.

Quick Post!

Sorry, I know I said I would be on more but I’ve been really busy! On Sunday It was My Birthday and I got loads, On Saturday I had my little cousin. I usually  do something on weekends and go out with my friends during the week.. On Friday It was Sports Relief, And most classes done the mile, we walked around the playground more than 10times. Most Of us were giving each other piggy backs, It was funny.

I would promise you I’d come on lots but I’m not sure when I’d have the time…  Tomorrow the Primary 7’s are going to Dounans for the day! 🙂 🙂 Sorry, I’ve got to go Byee!x 🙂


I’m so so so so Sorry I haven’t been on lately I’ve been so busy with things at school and out. In school we’ve been doing World War 2, Today we went to Calender House to learn a little bit more, Which I’ll tell you more in a different Post. Also recently Carronshore Ps got there 3rd Green Flag woo. I was one of the people who showed them around the school and talked all about our school, I’ll  also tell you more about that in another post. I’ve gotta go the now 🙁 Byee! 🙂 🙂


Sorry World, I haven’t been on in a while I could get on my blog 🙁 I’m going to try come on a lot and post as much as I can 😀 😀 I’d Just like to say a Big thank you To  Mrs V for helping get back on my blog thanks so much 🙂 🙂

Hiiyaaa World, I saw that my Visitor Map Has gone up alot, If anybody is Ever On and has time Please leave me a wee comment on Anything or on How I  could make my blog Better sorry Its Just A shor Post I’ll Try write a Big post Next time! Byeeee!


Heeeeyy, Yesterday I had My Little cousin Abbie over for the day, we went to the Retail Park In Falkirk. We wrnt into Smyths and Abbie Just wanted to Play so we let her out of her Pram so she could walk about. First Abbie went in a wee Car then she went on a wee scouter but she didnt no what to do so she stood on it and I pulled her along! Then I went on a scouter that the legs go in and out and Abbie tried on a wee helmet.We then went round to board cames and wee soft toys and Abbie was running about with a Big Fireman Sam And Then a peepa Pig, She was trying to lift up boxs like Jigsaws and A peepa Pig picnik set. I also Saw My Buddy In Smyths Called Natalie whos In Primary2.
Tonight, Im going to Matalan for a Fashion show and I’m  wearing a Jumpsuit with white starts with a fluffy Jacket. I’m going to walk round With  Alyson. I also Done the Fashion show Last year and I walked with Eilidh and Chloe, Last Year I wore Leggins and a Long top. Ive got to go know so Byeee!

Heeeyy World!

Heeeeeyy World! I’m sorry I haven’t been on in ages, It hasn’t been letting me log in so I can’t write blog posts 🙁 I had lots of things to tell you before but know I cant remember, Thank you everyone who Visits My Blog and if anyone ever has anytime Please comment on one of my posts, If your not sure what to say you could maybe give me some Ideas on what to write? Or what to do when I’m Bored?
Tomoro Im getting my wee cousin Abbie whos know two, Her birthday was on the first of November. I love her to bits and I think shes really cute she always shouts on me but she can’t quite say Hayley but its Still Cute she’s doing really well with her words.
As most of yous  will know its Children in Need today and we had a dress down day for 50p today, All the money the school raised goes to Children In Need I think. Im watching Children In Need on the Tv the know and Its One Direction, And Pudsy on a wee bike thing. Im going to go off the know so Byee!!


As you just saw my post actually worked for the first time for ages because all my other post Nothings came up 🙁 Ive been telling yous millions Like school, My weekends, My little cousin and lots moree! Well My last bost not the one I just posted but the one before I said I never got homework well that has changed. We get language and maths Everyweek and we get projects! This is just a short post too Hope this one works Fingers Crossed!! I Hope all my post show Because as I said I told yous millions! Bye for now!:( 🙁


Hiiyaaa Ive not written in ages because everytime I write hen I post nithing come up! 🙁 🙁                 Im hopign this time this wall all post because Ive been trying to tell you millions and nowts came up this one will just be short but all try make it long if it send fingers crossed!




Hiyaahh! Am sorry I’ve not been writing  for a while, But now im in Primary7 and my teacher is Mrs Roberts, And guess what we havn’t had any maths or language homwork.We are doing this thing tho thats called “A Holiday for The Harrisons” when we have to book a holiday for a the harriasons and it tells you all there names and a bit about themselfs on what they like,But we have a Budget of £3500 and that includes spending money and places you want to go.


Hello!, Im Sorry I havn’t done sa post in a while its just because when ever I write a post nothing comes up so ill try to come on my blog some more durinng the holidays when I have time ill try and write about my holiday in Ibiza. Im sorry if I dont write allot its just because im not sure what to say and after the Holidays were getting Mrs Roberts


The Park Hotel (The Restaurant)

Last Saturday the 19/3/11 I went to the Park Hotel with My Mum, Dad, Brother,Uncle, Auntie, Gran and Grandpa

                                             Why we went

We went because my uncle was going away to New Zealand for 3months with his work and we also went because it was my birthday the next week and he wouldint be there for my birthday.

                                                 Getting ready

Well we had to be there for quatre to 7 so we had to leave at half past 6 but my dad and brother had football but that started at half 3 and finished about qautre to 5 but i had my wee cousin that day so me and my mum needed to take her home so wse left my house at about gautre to 5 i think because she lives in Dunfermline so we could leave at half past five to go away again. So we dropped her off then went home got dressed and headed to the Park Hotel.


We arived just after quatre to 5 and the place was huge inside so we sat down at a table of 8 and we orderd our starters and juice then our main meals then puddings (Ive got to go all write more Later) Bye!



Well on Friday it was red nose day/Comic Relief so we all got too dress down for school and wear something red for 50p and u could buy a red nose for £1.oo whish i did myns was call chucklechomp it really was it came with that name.

                                                 Time capsule

At night I went too the time capsule with the guides it was really fun I got too sit up the back of the bus with Lucy K, Caitlain R ( Shes in first Year) Kerri B (who is in 6 year)  it seamed too take ages too get there and iwas getting really bored there was millions of shouts (Go too go now) All try tell you more later


Mrs G, Is Leaving she has been at the school for about 40 years i think. My mum went too the school when Mrs G was there and so did my auntie (Mums Sister) Who Mrs G taught. SO Mrs G has been there for many years, I know go to eco ive been there since P5 whick Mrs G teachs we learn all about nature. We All have too make something for Mrs G so i tried too draw a picture of but it turned out too be a fail it looked more like Mrs Vass (NO AFFENCE) So i think i will have too do a weemee we are going too make it into a powerpoint I think.It is really annoying because she is leaving on my Birthday Argh yes myn!!

She will be missed but she has been there for years!!


Well it has been snowing the smorning I really like the snow, But now it has really changed and looks like its rainin i hope the rain stops and more snow i love palying in it making snowmen and sledging and the more it snows the more we could be off school on Monday thats another reason i love snow…

Callender House

Last Friday the 4th of March our class went too Callender House for a school trip too learn somemore about the Victorians.First we arrived at school done the dinners and were split into three different groups,I was in the red group. Then we all lined up and got into partners with someone in your group i went with Lucy K. So we walked down too the bus then headed too Callender House. When we first got there the ladies introduced there self too us Marie, Jennifer and Isabell. Then we git split up into to different groups,I was with Marie we went to the Laundry room. We learned how to wash clothes in Victorian times (There were no washing machines in the Victorian times) and then we had to guess clothes like if it belonged to a boy or a girl or if they were rich or poor and what it was made of. Mines was a rich girl and it was green made from velvet. Then we saw all different kind of iorns,after that we had different things that belonged in the kitchen i was with Lucy K  guessing. Lucy thought they were hair straightners because she didnt no they belonged in the kitchen at that point they were two bits of wood and you rubbed them together to rounden the butter.

The Kitchen. Next we went to the kitchen with Jennifer and Isobell who were the kitchen people and we learned how to make Snow Cheese. Plus we got to dress up in Victorian aprons and hats it was funny. Do you want to know how to make now Snow Cheese? Ok then here i go i think this is how it goes

 You need

A large bowl about half filled with cream

1 tea spoon of rosemary

1 tea spoon of lemon juice

Half a spoon full of suger ( A small spoon)

1 Mortar and pestle

Half a small bowl of almonds

3 biscuits ( cant remember what they were called)

1 wisk


1.Wisk the cream till it quite thick

2.Crush the almonds with a mortor or pestal till very small

3.Crush the 3 biscuits with a mortor or pestel till small

4.Pour your crushed almonds and biscuits and stir

5.Pour the teaspoon rosemary in and stir

6.Pour the teaspoon of Lemon juice in and stir

7.Pour the teaspoon of suger in and stir

Finished Just to let you know my groups were the best so hope yours turn out the best to. I used a ballon whisk there is lots of different ones but that sounded like the best because my group won with it.

Then we said goodbye and went to get our jackets.We sat on the wall outside to wait on the other half. We got to eat our playpeace whilst waiting on the others. Then we went on the bus and back to school, It was great fun we learned alot.




Hiya! Everyone hope yous had a nice Holiday what did yous all get up too Sorry i haveint been on my Blog lately i have jis been busy i will come on soon and write a blog post C ya !!!!PLEASE COMMENT!!!!

My Treasured Possessions

I have lots of treasured possessions throughout my life but  the two that i haave chose is when i was a wee tiny baby!!!!

This is a picture of me when i was 6 days old.

 it was my first time going out in my pram.

 i was going to pick my big brother Blair up from Primary school.

 He was 7 years old and now he is 18 and i am 10.

I would never want too throw it away because it was my first time going out in my pram and i was going to get my big brother.

This is a Teddy that says (Speacial Sister).

 i got it from my brother when i was born.

 i love it sooo Much.

 i have lots of other teddys but i choose  this one because it was from my big brother.

 they are quite expencife things to buy!! 

Hope you like reading my treasure possessions!!!!x


On Saturday I am going ice-skating for the first time ever yahoo. I am goin too the Peek with My Best Friend Morgan S and my dad as My mum is Working my dad is not going to be going ie-skating Just me and Morgan. I am so excited. If  you gave any advice on ice skating !!!please leave a comment and let me no I will write another post once i have been ice-skating!!!

On Saturday Night I am going too Morgan’s house for a sleepover i dont no what we will do tho i will tell you more about it once ive been bye cya

Three wee dugs

 Three wee dugs ran doon oor street                                        they wur lookin fur food to eat.

Yin wiz headin fur the butchers shop                                            and managed tae get a big pork chop.

The other twa gugs chased a cat                                                       up a tree, so they got nuffin fur their tea.                                                                                


A got lots of prezzies thanz 2 everyone who gave me a xmas prezzie they were really nice. Thank u Eilidh for the Lippy and nail varnish a have it on the now o when i wrote this post. Thank u Lucy K for the facemask ive had it on ma mum said i looked like a ghost lol and thanks for ma Dolphin neckles. I got Loads of Money for xmas. Some Prezzies a got Pj’s, Ice watch, cd’s cloths, Jls jumper, Jacket Make up amd lots more and a got the CUTEST thing ever Ma wee cousin Abbie who has just turned 1 but she done it when she was younger at the play group a got her 2 hand prints on a mug its so cute and a got a t-towel with her hand print on it.                    !!!!!!!!!!!PLZ LEAVE COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas

Hope yous all had a very nice xmas u can comment and say what u got and a wish everyone a Happy New Year

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