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photo a day I (kinda)

Hi, Garry here and for photo a day I, but there was nothing i could think of with I in it so i just wen’t for something in the ICT suite…..wait for it…… GIANT KEYBOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goodbye MRS.Green :( :( :(

MRS.G        Acrostic poem


Really awesome

Super cool

Gave golden tickets 🙂


well the only thing left to say is we all will miss you 🙁

My favorite football teams

1.Rangers 🙂 woooohoooo


3.A.C Milan

4.Scotland 🙂 woohoooo


(i know you can’t really like Germany and Scotland at the same time but i do) Peace out Suckazzzz 🙂

Our school trip (kinda) to callender house.

last Friday we wen’t on a school trip to Callender house to learn more about the victorians which is our topic this term. We were split into three groups red,black and green i was in the red before getting on the coach.  When we got there we had to hang up our coats in the coat room and the groups got split again.First we wen’t to the washing room with a woman dressed in a victorian maid’s dress i think ? We got shown diffrent tools they used to wash the clothes. One of them was a plunger except the end of it was made of metal and not rubber. We got to see clothes worn by rich people one of the clothes were a little jacket that only wen’t over their shoulder, it also had types of beads on the outline of it.

Next we wen’t to the kitchen to make an old victorian recipe called snow cheese, i didn’t try it, as it didn’t look nice.


 1.one large bowl half filled with cream

2.one teaspoon of rosmary water

3.one teaspoon of lemon water


5.pestle and morter

6.a type of buiscuts

 7. one teaspoon of sugar

I found the visit intresting, and i would rather have the life i’ve got just now. 🙂



Sorry about no updates lately so this is just for me to say hi to everyone! 🙂 so i’m just gonna go 🙁 (everyone loves me ) so byeeee 🙂

My prize possession

This is my prize possession.

I got this when I was four years old, I was sick one day my sister and my other  sister got me this from the bear factory. The reason I could never throw it out is it was given to me by my two sisters (Loren and Sarah)

!!!!RandoMISED POsT!!!!!

Hey everone just a new post from GArrY,KyLE,ANnA AND aLYson about RanDomNEss, don’t know why but it really feels AwEsOmE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE FOR NoW !!!!!!!!

Flying Fortres by les herbertFlying Fortress


1945 North American P-51D Mustang "Gunfighter" -- Commemorative Air Force - Great Plains Wing (44-73264) by Avsfan2006Mustang, an American fighter plane.


Harrier GR9 - HDR by MarkJayneharrier, the harrier is the only plane that can take of vertickaly.

Battle of Britain planes

Messersmicht by weeminimagsMessersmicht BF109E

Planes of Fame Airshow 2005 - 100_5282c by g_takeuchiHurricane, are AWESOME!!!!

Stuka JU-87 B Replica by Brian BreighnerFavorite German plane,ju87 Stuka

Spitfire by yorkshiregeekSpitfire, my favorite plane.

custom image

expect some AWESOME pics.

My fav music. Top 5;)

1.Jason derulo [What if] 2.Micheal jackson Speed demon 3.Jason derulo ridin’ solo 4.MJ EARTH SONG 5.MJ The way you make me feel.

Rangers are the AWESOMEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to my new blog:)

Hi people of the earth look forward to using my new blog gonna try make it AWESOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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