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primry 7

Yesaday we finshed p6 so we are going into p7 now i had so much fun we had the laver seramoney it was a we bit sad becose some off the primry 7 but they came round and siad do you want to sing my top and i siad yes so me molly and jade and hayley we got our face panted but we didnt have any time to do it but then i washed the face panit off but thhen rachel helped me get it off fanc goodnes for that we came back from the laver seramoney and we put our chers up and we got our school bags and i give mrs vass a hug so did me robyn c and alyson m and anna f i think more people did.When i got home i siad hello to my mum and told my mum that rebbeca and all the girls in p4 so i ran over to see my friend rebecca and she was crying becose her teacher mrs l is leaving and i was sad to so after that i had my lunch and then anya and eve came so i watched tv in the consertvry i watched  icarly and then house of anubas then i remeberd about mrs vass so i turned off the telly and went to my room and i sat on my bed and started to cry i didnt want to leave mrs vass to i tried to think off something happy so i thought about when we  went to the glasco since sinter that was the best thing that ever hapend in my life so then i asked my mum if i could take my dog paddy for a walk it was the first time i took paddy for a walk so i did and mrs vass i have forgot my dvd at the school can you keep it for me and when i cume back to school can you keep it safe thank you
                                                                           I am cuntinuin with my things for the holiday
On monday reabecca called for anya and eve to see if they were cuming out to play and they siad yes so then i didnt no what to do well i was watching the tv wise my mum was watching on the ather telly my mum was watching 60 minit make over.THEN I THOUGHT  i could take my dog paddy for a walk and then i saw rachel t so i siad hi to her and she siad to to me and i siad yes and then we walked back to my house and came into my room so then after that we went to rachels house to see if we can go to the park so we did.
                                                                                                                WHAT I DID ON SATURDAy 

A big thank you to my teacher mrs vass

 Hello everyone i am moving into p7 and my teacher is  mrs roberst but thank you very much for bining my teacher your you are the best teacher i ever had so thanks agan.And i will see you around the school so here stuff about you.mrs is vass you are nice now i know more about computers and you also jenurs we group points i love you as a teacher you are a good teacher
I am here agan now i am looking fowerd to p7 i have got mrs rogerts we all ready had mrs roberts she proble nos all our names on monday we got to go into her class and at first she put as in sets i had to sit next to tommy and declan oh and ryan t she told us to write about maths and some stuff like that so that is all a big thank you to mrs vass

House of anbas.

House of anubas is a movie i watch all week but it is not on saturdays and sundays it is about a girl called nena she has a friend callen searh and she give her a locket and then the people who is in the gan is alfie fabian amber nina and patrisha but its sad how its ony on for 15 minits sometimes it is on for more than 15 minits and somtimes there is 2 hoouse of anubas on but that is good.

what i am doing

Tangeld on dvd yeah!!!!!!!!

On wednsday i got a dvd from ASDA it was tangeld i love tangeld if you have not heard of it its about a girls rapunsul and she is a missen child when she was little and then  a boy called flyn fider and the hids up in the tower from the gards and try to find them whys thr mum gets paint and its her birthday and the king and qween lits a lightourd to see if there princess comes back.flyn rider takes rapunsel to the lanterns and she finley sees the out side world she has never went out side befor and her hiar glows it was somuch fun i hope you have liked it

my grandad came over and my sisters birthday party

On friday my grandad came over i was nice to see thim agan i hardly get to see him becos he lives in newcatle and so duse my gran grandad athar grandad and my nana and antie and cuzins its sad 🙂 and my sister eve she had a birthday party on saturday people how came Morgan,maria,andcallen and i forgot who elise moving on it my sisters birthday today she is 8 today i had so much fun and its my uncle ants  birthday the same day as my sisters i will tell you what she got from maria and morgan a dress thing and sweets and from tyler tinker bell magic cloth and body wash and lolly pops and from sara lipgloss and a Alarm clock That tell the date and day from sandie i am not sure and callen littlest pet shop dived  £10 of dived steven a watch and a big bar of galaxy mariam bendy pens from mariam rabecca d pjs and the athar rabecca sweets a top with bagfrom me a tatty teddy box and a watch from Anya she is very lucky



my fav holiday

my fav holiday was in newcatle.We had so much fun so here it is.we got our sutecases packed to go we went there by car it takes 3 hours to get there it was a bit boring at first but we put on some muzic and then i wasnt boring any more but then i phoned my grandad up and siad we were round the corner and we were there.I saw my grandama and grandad at the door and there was her dog pip was there we helped my dad to get all the packing stuff then we went in side to get setteld then we had our tea and played out side.then we got ready for bed and wached tv.Then i sleeped on my own and anya and eve sleeped togather i had to sleep with my grandma.It was morning my antie jakline came with my cuzin alice and siad do you want to go swimming and i siad yes i love wet and wild.Wet and wild is a place were you go swimmind my sister eve was to scered to go down the froggy slide so i helped here go down and then i held her had and she went down and my hadt slipped and a fell in the water so i bursy out laughing it was time to go i didnt want to go home so i didnt have a chose to go down the black hole with my antie it was the best thing yet the end plz lave comments 🙂

maybe a sleep over

hi people on my blog i am going to tell you about a sleep over i might be haveing at my house my mum told me to bring molly beacose mollys dad comes to my dad to fix stuff but here is the bad news my mum says we have to ask my dad aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i siad to my mum he says no no no no like when i ask him can i go to the park n.o spellls no so

Easter xxx

Hi world i hope you have had a nice easter i am doing this thing on my blog you tell me how much easter eggs you get and the ones that sound good you win so i an ging to tell you how much easter eggs i got i got 3 easter eggs i got a cream, egg one a milkey, bar one with 2  milkey bars and a cup and a hello kitty one and my sister Anya.anya got 5 easter eggs she is lucky my sister eve.Eve got 4 easter eggs to be contined

out side

At school we went out side and we took some stuff like toys we went with a partner i was with charlotte we had fun out side i have some pitchers to come with you dont think i would miss out pitchers i hope you like them 🙂

playground maths

today at school we did maths out side it was fun i had to go with a partner i was with molly she helped me do my maths molly is my friend molly is funnyi hope you like the pics

my weekend

On my weekend me my mum,dad,my sister eve,ANYA


ON SATURDAY WE WENT TO SPENT HER BIRTHDAY MONEY she got lots of stuff and i spent my money 2 i got a bag from Tammy girl then we went out for lunch i don’t no what the place was called so i am going to tell you what we had to drink me cola Anya cola eve fanta mum apple juice dad cola now what we ordered me pizza anya chicken eve chicken 2 and dad a hamburger and mum a toste so after that there was a sweet shop cross the road and there was a man who gave us tabulate and i got some rock and eve some sweets and anya rock so we had so much fun.


on sunday my mum went to work oh and i was ment to tell you that my sister anya got a rabbit not a toy rabbit called lilly and on sunday we let her out of cadge to be continud


red nose day



just to say

do you no the pics of me down the bottom of my blog its my atobyo there is lots of pics hope you like them so i am going to tell you about my life the first one is in 2005 when i was in nursarey and the next one

school trip

On FRIDAY we went on a school trip to Calder house first Mrs v go us in groups of 3 i was in Red group the red group is awesome so then Mrs v told us to get a partner so i went with molly h so when went on the bus molly said lets talk about bricks i am like what so i just talked about random things molly likes the word random well molly is random no offence molly:) so we arrived at Calder house molly wanted to be the last ones coming off the bus but we weren’t so when we went off the bus we so this victorians one was called Jennifer and Marie so Marie was the Landry person and one was a kitchen lady so we went with Marie and she told us about how they washed Victorian days and the people who went with Marie are me molly Hayley Lucy k and Lucy n, Garry,Andrew kyle Robyn brook eilidh and Cameron b and if i have missed someones name just tell me so i cant remember anything else.
IN the kitchen we made something called snow chase eilidh and molly were dot aloud to eat the snow chase poor them(if you want to no what the recipei it










when i was little

new weemee

my treasured possessions

hi its me and i am going to tell you abut my treasard possions.

When i was one years old i went to my mums best freind



we had a lovely day and just as we left she handed me a lovely cute teddy puppy


 i loved it.

it was golded blonde it had a big black eyes and a cute we button nose


he wasextra spacel  to me becouse when i was felling illin hospitl and he was alwase there to comfert me when i was sad.

i could never inmaging throwing him away we have spend so much time torther.

he has to brouthers.

One is a gude dog and one is a red no noise day puppy bye the waymy puppy is called my puppy

my name

hi people on my blog this is a lovehart coz i had nuffin to do so i done this  so i got this from imagechef if you like it just go to imagechef or fliker cc so you can do that bye plz comment

what i got for christmas

For christmas i got a new phone its a pink toutch screen it looks awesome and i got a pgs i got thase pink ones and i got some flower ear rings and i have got them in and my mum siad i look nice with them in and i got lip balm and i got a new pere of legins they have flowers on them and i got a ribin heir band i word it to school and the teachers loved it.and i got a make-up bag from emily.

merry christmas

hi people thats on my blog i am dowing a thing on my blog and if you go on it and lave a comment an you can say what then got for christmas and the winner gose on my blog and they can go on my blog four 3 days so plz do it

what i done when the school was off


on Monday me Anya and  eve went out to play outside and we tried and build a snowman but the snow was to soft and we got a bucket and filled it up with snow and it didn’t work but we could build a little snowman but it all melted and Eve made a iced snowman but i throed it over the fence oops 🙁 but it was funny 🙂 cos she went in the mode ha ha ha ha ha then we went inside to have some hot juice and had a snack and we watched  twilight saga eclipse just to say it was so much fun and anya was in her den under the table omg why wolud anya go under the table but she was playing her ds.then she went for a snack ans my mum said what are you dowing she siad watch you dont hert your head a minet she hert her head off the tabls but she didnt cry.

on Tuesday

on tuesday i went to go out to play with eve we made a snowman and anya came along and made a snowman two then we made one 🙂 and then we made one in the front garden and in the back garden and we went for a walk at the park and we saw my friend cerys m and charlotte b not charlotte m then i so rebecca d and scott d rebeccas dad i had a shot off rebeccas slay it was awsome and we stayd there for five hours then lucy n walked past with her mum and thenwe had to go home and have some hot juice and a pack off crisps and then we went back out to wait for my dad cumming out from work.

on wednesday

on wednesdayi went to the town with my mum and anya and eve we had a good time and we went to McDonald’s for our lunch i had a cheese burger and anya had a cheese  burger and eve had a cheese burger aswell and my mum had onion rings and we were the ony ones upsters it was cind off scery cos we were the ony ones 🙁 then wedwent to tammy girl to have a look then we went to new look to get some shose for anyathen we went to shoe zone then we went to Boots to see my mums friend lizanne and then we just had a chat.then my dad picked us up and ASDA to get something for tea.We went to Blockbusters to rent Toy story 3 and we watched it before our tea.


On thursday we tried to build a snowman,but we were unable to do so due to the snow being too soft.so we started to have a snowball fight it was awesome 🙂 but it was really cold (freezing).so we went inside to warm up with a bowl of hot soup.

yum yum yum.
on friday
i went to the town with my mum and anya and eve were in the house with my dad and that was good coz a day with my mum well me and my mum went Christmas shopping it was not that bad 🙂 than i got new boots and then i went to NEW LOOK to get some boots for Christmas they were awesome but i have to what until Christmas booo hooo but i can what sometimes and we went to see if there was more things i would like but i don’t what to spend her money coz i am getting phone oh i cant what.then my dad was waiting at the car park and then we went home to have SOME POP ans if you dont no what pop is it is a fizzy drink.
on saturday
on saturday my mum had to shopping to get some food in the house and we had to go to and then it was bad coz it took a long time coz it was bizy and mentull but we were there for 50 minits in ASDA then we had to take the bus well it did not take a long time coz the roads were clear with grite on the road then we went home and watched a move a scery move and it was halloween 11 it was very scery ans horrible just to say you do not want to no whan happend if you have watched before just comment on my blog if you no what happend plz ok on with what i was dowing and then we codent sleep coz it was to scery and Anya herd me scem AAAAAA THEN ANYA started screm AAAAAA AND THEN EVE HERD anya screm and then eve scremd.
on sunday well my mum went to work sadley poor mum so we were late and my mum had do stand next to the door all day poor mum and then she went to get her bag and we went home and then we went back to my mums work and my mum had to get a thing for my friend emily but maybe later but when we so something in the sky it was round but no what it was then we just went into the house dun dun dun and we watched out side to see what it was dun dun dun dun and then we went to bed.plz lave comments

i love pugs so mutch

Pug+on+a+Swing%21as you no i love pugs so mutch

my wee mee thingy

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.onetruemedia.com/share_view_player?p=c9ee1907f73ababc429953" width="300" height="367" allowfullscreen="true" /]

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