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heyyyyyy its me again not been on this is yonks………………………………… things that have changed about me

1. i have new glasses

2. I have a BIG side swept frindge

3.Im in high school now

OMG high school is great although there is alot of homework like in every subject i still love it xoxoxoxo

Its good because you have lots of diffrent teachers so it is better

my favorite subjects are: Drama,tec,humanitys,english

my favorite teacher

TGIF (thank goodness its Friday)

OMG ive been waiting for the weekend to come.

At the weekend Me and my friend Chloe found a frog it was soooooo cute and small. We did hold it but it took some time (well it took some time for me to fold it) after we had touched it a couple of times we held it was so smooth and soft. We had to wet our hands because if we hadn’t it would have burned the frog’s skin. This isn’t the first time we have found a frog we have found two other ones. It was a same to see it go but we knew it was good for the frog. Here is a link to Chloe’s blog (soz the link isnt working) and here is a pic of the frog ( this link isnt working either)


Hi!!! I havent wrote enything in yonks so im going to write xxxx



                                                   On image chef i made a sparkley photo here it is …….. 🙂 🙂  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

prize possessions

for homework mrs v made us write about our prize possessions so here are mine.

I would never give away my great grans ornament it is a little pot of roses!!! She passed away so it reminds me of  all the funny things she did.She made the BEST empire biscuits AND the BEST pancakes . Every time she  came to our house she would bring her home made baking . We called her G G (meaning great gran) thats why i would never give it away.

there will be a pic but dont have it yet.

The other thing i would never give away is my Roses ( my teddy bears) i have had them since a was a little baby. I love them and would never give them away because i cant get to sleep with out them. Thats why i would never give them way.

there us a pic but dont have t yet.

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OMG i havent writed anything in yonks well i will make it up to and write …………….

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i am so exited tbecause it is my birthday in two days on the 3rd of feb AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Ok i am defo having a sleepover and going to the cinemas!!!!

My birthday list

A ipod

elephant stuff

pencils and all that stuff

the book collection of diary of a wimpy kid

thats all i realy know but seya later !! xxxxxx

please leave comments !! xxxxxxxxx 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 :D:D

My birthday

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my bithday in in two weeks well i thinkit is please comment and tell me if i am right this is the date.

3rd of the 2nd

I am MITE be going to the cinemas with brooke and chloe i dont know but i will ask my mum the plan is that we are all going to meet at my house and then go to the cinemas to see tangled i think it looks real funny well i dont know.then we are MITE go to pizza hut.Then go home to my house and PAR-TY well we mite make up a band but a very bad band and then do each others make-up and all that stuff then eat lots of SWEETS.then go to sleep and then wake up and mabye go to the marner centre!!!!

(btw i would REALY would  like a ipod touch but it mite be a bit much)

please leave comments xxxxx

bath bombs

For my christmas i got a bath bomb making set!!!! so me and chloe that lives across the road went into her house to make a couple it was realy fun we made a purpel one and three pink ones the three pink ones were for chloes brothers girlfriend she is very nice so thats why we made them for her.The first one wasnt the best but the other three were.When we were just starting the second  pink one chloes brother came into the room and said that his car was in the front garden( btw  he has just passed his driving test) but it acaully was the next door neighbours!!! after that we just cared on with the bath bombs they turned out very good!!!! then i had to go home so thst was fine for me because my cousin we coming for a sleepover!!!!

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btw i couldnt acaully be botherd to do this right now but hey ho ive did it now!!!!

Quick update

I just wanted to say I realy want to change my header for my blog.My sister ciara is realy anoying me right now but i have got her tie so ha to her.

Snowed inn

Hi me hear again i just wanted to write what i got up to when we where snowed in.

SUNDAY-On sunday i went to jennys party it was AWESOME because it was a pool party at the marnier center.I hanged out with Tasha(Natasha) Pussy (Lucy k) and Hails (Hayley).We made up a movie and it was called THE WAR OF THE WATER(I made up the name).After begin in the pool we went to the food room i had a hotdog(yum yum).
After my hotdog I had a mini milk vanila flavour.Then in our party bags we got a glow in the dark baloon and bubbles and a bouncie ball.Then I went home but Jennys mum took me home.

Monday- On monday i played in the snow and tryed to make a house out of snow but it was I failer because we got fed up and just went to my house.We played with my lps`s but we got real bored so we justed dance. Then chloe came for tea and after that we just played.

Tuesday-On tuesday I played with Chloe, Adam and daniel that live across the road.We made an iglo.We made it in Chloe garden after a while we got fed up so we went into Adam and Daniel and watched the sintridens 2.But i had to go home so i acaully didnt watch any of the movie:(:(:(.Thats all i realy did on tuesday.

Wednesday-On wednesday i went across to my nieghboars because my mum was going to work.When I got there I played with Adam and Jack then Daniel came after a while.We played on Jacks Ipod touch.We where making little cup cakes on his Ipod touch I made a PINK one with a icing bummble bee on top.After that my sister ciara and Jacks sister done a truesar hunt I won:):):)after that we watched a movie and Chloe came (one of my best friends)We watch the new A CHRISTMAS CAROL.It was scary chloe thought that as well because she was under the blancket asking if the ghost of christmas death was away.After that we went to my house for tea i had pasta with samon (yum yum)Then after tea ADam adam and jack went to play on Jacks Xbox and me chloe and daniel stayed at my house.THen daniel done a cfashoin show he was the deinger so the outfitts were MAD but it was still fun.

Thursday-There is nothing to say about thursday because all I did was stayed in side and watched the t.v.So i will just go on to friday.

Friday-ON friday i went to see my grandad in the hospital.We went for a coffe well i acaully had a fruit shoot tropical flavour and crisps.I was talking to him about the snow.Then i went home and played with chloe.WE tryed to make a seat out of snow but we got tryed so we went to chloe i went for tea we had potatos chicken and beans.Then we watched 16 wishes after that we played a game up in her room a imagnative game.

Saturday-Didnt do much so will scip to sunday.

Sunday-ON sunday i went to stirling with sis mum dad and gran.When i was up there i got kiwis present(kiwi is sis nickname)and mum present i dont want to tell because they could lookm and my blog and this post.I HATE going shopping but the good thing was I got Therty pound to spend I went into gimmie gizzmos and primark and boots and marks and spenecers we got our lunch at m and s.I had a cheese sandwitch.When i was charging for the door to get out of the shops i heard HI EILIDH i looked around and it was jack from my class i just hi and runned away.
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a fast post

AHHHHHHHHHH i am realy angry at the x factor why can`t katie be out of the compotishion she can`t sing and she put aidan out i hate her got to go bye 🙁



I will start with her age and all that stuff.My dog is called Millie she turned 1 in July. She is a whippet a whippet is just like a greyhound but smaller.She is very mad and cant stop running.She is speedy fast and always try’s to eat the cushions , if my mum catches her then she is dead because every time we come home from some place that we have been to she always has fluff in her mouth I always laugh.


 When he was in the home that she was born in we weren’t going to chose her to take home because we say an other dog we liked but It was always getting ill so we didn’t take it home in case it died.Here’s a pic of the group of dogs. sorry not got this pic right now.

Facts about Millie
*Millie has a mark her back that I think looks like a bat heres a pic sorry don’t have this pic right now

*She has thousands of toys.
*She always eats ever thing.
*She licks you to death very yuck.
*She eats your shoes all the time so don’t ever leave you shoes lying.

 I will tell you a story about her eating shoes. When I was on my holidays my Gran was looking after Millie and my Gran had took her out a walk late and when she got home she put her slippers in the kitchen and Millie was sleeping in there for the night so we my Gran came down stairs into the kitchen in the morning her brand new trainers were In pieces and to be truthful it my Grans fault.



Hi me here i just wanted to do a little something on my blog so i thought for something to do so i ended up doing this.
I would like to know how your fav x factor contestant here is a list of them
*   Rebecca  ferguson
* Cher lloyd
* Wagner carrilo
*  One direction
*  Kaite waissel
*   Mary byrne
*   Matt cardle
please tell me who you like

learning log


  • The first ever car to be mass produced in Australia was the FX Holden (model 48-215). This was produced at Fishermans Bend, Victoria in 1948.


  • Australia’s first television station was Channel 9, which opened in Sydney in 1956.

  • .The most medals Australia has ever won at an Olympic Games was in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, a total of 58 medals.

    The Great Barrier Reef is the longest reef in the world at over 2010 kilometres.

  • Australian women won the right to vote in 1902.
  • The oldest skeleton to ever be found in Australia was believed to be 60,000 years old. It was that of an Aboriginal male, traces of ochre (a ceremonial paint used by Aboriginals) were also found.

  • Australia’s first radio station was built in 1912.
  • Aboriginal settlers were the first documented arrivals to Australia, arriving from Southeast Asia some 40,000 years before European explorers in the 17th century.


    please leave comments bye ;D

    My grandad

    I am very upset right now because something terrible has happend to my grandad i will tell you now.On wedensday in the october hols in the morning at about 4oclock my grandad had a stroke it is very upsetting.He couldn`t talk and he couldn`t move so my mum went up to the hospatl at 6oclock because it was her dad.On that day i was at lucy ks house.My mum sister and dad have been to see him but i haven`t.My mum is very uppset so thats all i have to say about him if i say any more i will start crying.


    please leave comments  bye


    My dog millie when puppy

    This is millie my dog when she was a puppy i think she is so cute.She is 1 now so she is much bigger well only a little bit but anyways she is so hyper she runs around mad and she is very fast because she is a whippet.

    please leave comments


    this is random i love being random i am writing a lot because it is going all wierd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My katy perry top ten

    Hi going to my top ten katy perry charts

    1) teenage dream

    2)california girls

    3) friday night   (  you might of not herd of this song)

    4) peacock       (  you might of not herd of this song)

    5) circle the drain     (  you might of not herd of this song)

    6)hot and cold

    7)i kissed a girl

    8 )  e.t.       (  you might of not herd of this song)

    9) firework      

    10) i cant think of anymore

    Hope you like katy perry because i love her!!!!!    😉


    Brooke is one of my best friends she is awesome and she is very funny.She is in my class and she sits at my table and she always makes up random things ha ha .She is a good drawer and is very good at making up storys.Her fav colour is purple i think and as i said she is awesome!!!!!

    Dont move our seats mrs v!!!!!!!   8)


    Natasha is one of my best friends she is very funny and very good at drawing.She always has a luagh about something and she is  always is funny.She sits at my desk and we always have a laugh because she is thier.Her fav colour is purple and she loves drawing but sometimes she gets a bit anoiyed because everybody whats her to draw a picture for themself.

    Oh and mrs v please dont make our table change seats please !!!!   8)

    The Life Of Selena Jhonston

       Dear diary                                                                                                                                                               Today was the worst day EVER!! My name is Selena Montez and I’m 13 years old i live in California and i go to Crenshaw middle school anyway the worst day ever. Why you ask?? It was my first day at Crenshaw because we moved from New York to here. I was walking in the lunch hall when the mean girl, Heather triped me up and my spaghetti flew ALL OVER ME!!!I was so angry i wanted to kick her over but i didnt because she would do something you would not like to see beleave me you wouldn`t.I also got all my maths wrong so my friend thorn had to go and tell everybody.Thorn spike is one of my best friends she is so gothic and i would realy like it if she took that nose ring of bacause it is uck and i dont want to ask her because she would kill me because she thinks it is in the fashoin not true and i dont even know if it is real.She gets so embarison sometimes .Anyway i have an other best friend her name is well i think this is a pretty name but other people think it is weired she is a drama queen and a diva and the funnest out of us all of us the thing about her if she doesn’t get what she wants well your DONE FOR oh her name is violet.Well i am just in the house right now because i have just came home from middle school but i am going to Thorns house in a minute to have a sleepover  but here parents are very strict so we have to be quit but we usually sneak out so we are fine we are going to the cinema to see love it is a 12 so i am allowed to watch it.Anyways going now will tell you more bye. xxx

    Book binders

    Mrs vass has gave our class a very good opertunity she was sent a letter to a man called Tom valentime that works at a book binders in larbert.We have to right a story i am doing my story with brooke and natasha it is about a girl called lilly and her diary.Mrs v says that mabye tom valintime could pick the storys i dont no.  And they will be able to get thier books bounded.I hope our book is picked.

    please leave comments!!!!  bye 🙂

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