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im sooooo bored haha

The tracking (copyright)

It was 14th Febuary 1828, I felt something lurking about in the shadows, something cold and … human! I heard my mother laughing like she had not laughed before. I could tell she had had some kind of drink, like whiskey. One minute she was laughing and the next I heard screaming and the sound of her long nails scraping across the dark floorboards! I ran down the stairs to check on her but it was to late, her face was pale purple mixed with blue, her long blonde hair had fallen out of the diamond clasp she had put it in. My mother’s long, silk red dress was covered in what I think it was whiskey.

June 5th 1828, My name is Sophia Neep and I am 13 years of age , and I have been tracking my mothers killers. I could tell it was a pair, but I do not know how. I may be wrong but I think it was Burke and Hare!I presume this as I went to the police the night mother was murdered, with her cold body on my little red trailer with her hair flapping in the cool midnight breeze. Then a month later I went to see if there was any news on the people who murdered her however when I got there officer Scoll said that body snatchers had gotten it! So that is how I started to believe that it was Burke and Hare as it all fitted into the puzzle of their crime. The drinking, the suffocating and the body snatching.

September 28th 1828, I was right it was Burke and Hare, later on I found a wanted poster for them and it had their two most recent kills. A boy named Tom Estra and my mother. I knew that name from somewhere but I could not click. As I was trying to remember I bumped into my big sister Mary who is 16 and lives with our father. I asked Mary to help find our mothers killers but she said it is to risky although she did not want me to be left alone to do this and it was hard to get me out of something I had my mind set to. I later on asked Mary if she knew and recognised the name Tom Estra, luckily she did so we went to his parents house but they were dead!

October 30th 1828, I am determined to find them today and it came true. That night Mary saw them dragging a body over to her anatomy teachers house, doctor Robert Knox so being Mary and not following them by herself she came back and got me, so we followed them and caught them getting paid and they tried to suffocate us but Hare shouted the police and betrayed Burke.

October 31st 1828, Burke got hung and me and Mary watched wondering what happened to Hare and Dr Knox while Burke got hung. Although we did not need to wait long till we found out what had happened to them, no one knew Hres whereabouts and Dr Knox got his house raided by an angry mob braking the windows as they were not happy that he got away with it!

Well I guess the rhyme is true:
Up the close and down the stairs
In the house with Burke and Hare
Burkes the butcher, Hares the thief
Knox the boy who buys the beef!

my pet


Hi just to tell the people of my class that I am coming back different to school. You might know straight away or not (probably will)!

Summers nearly over!!!!

Hya, sorry I have not written in a while. I have been busy with my holidays as I am sure you are too. Our school has 2 more weeks and 4 days to go till we go back to school. Me and my class will be in P7R. I went to Stirling today and dropped my sister off at the airport because she is going to Benadorm with her boyfriend Christopher (he likes to be called Chris). Kellie ( my sister) is going away for a week, at Stirling I got a new girls doodle drawing book and fun effects twistables. The twistables come in sections in the neon section it has: neon yellow, neon red, neon orange, neon purple, neon dark pink, neon blue, neon light pink and neon green and all the colours I just wrote are in the rainbow section and in metalic it has an extra colour and that is silver. g2g byeeee.

John Dillinger

Hi! my full class get to pick something they have allways wanted to learn about, so I am learning about John Dillinger!!!

Meet John:

Name: John Dillinger

DOB: June 22, 1903

Died; July 22, 1934 (aged31)

sentanced for: Murder and Robbery

Penalty: Inprisonment from 1924 to 1933

John was part of an American gang and they were allways robbing banks. He murdered an East Chicago Police Officer, he only killed once, his gang robbed 12 banks and 4 police stations. John ran from prison twice.

The Government ordered federal action. For a year Dillinger had been evading police everywhere in the USA, so Dillinger was wounded and returned to his fathers home to recover. He returned to Chicago in July 1934 and met his death coming closer at the hands of police and Federal  agents who were told of Johns whereabouts by Ana Cumpanas!

On July 22nd,  The police and Division of investigation closed in on the Biograph Theater. Federal agents arrested him as he made his way out of the theater.


John Dillinger by pirateman2  John Dillinger's gravestone by mike_ellis77


Hya World! Well you know Jennifer M in my class…yes well she is my best friend, and today Jennifer came to my house. We had loads of fun, here is what we did: First we obviously had to walk to my house (well I had my bike) so Jennifer held onto my bag and I pulled her along, and she kept saying this and I quote “WEEEEEEEEEEEE” (like she says she is daft). When we got to my house my mum said we could go to the shop to get a sweet so we did. When we got back to my house, I got changed as Jennifer sat and drew in my room (I got changed in the bathroom btw), after I got changed we went outside and played on the trampoline. Once we jumped around we went on my 2 bikes and cycled around the block twice, then we had to go to my house for dinner.

For dinner we had chicken nuggets and chips with veg, it was really good once we watched some of the movie mean girls 2 we went for Natasha M. When we went for Natasha We went to the park and first we went on the see-saw and then the other see-saw, then Jennifer spotted the Flying Fox so her and Natasha fought over who went firs so they went on together, and I pushed them back p so I could get a shot. Once I got a shot of the flying fox we took turns pushing the tyre swing I went first and then Natasha, after that we went on the spinny diamond thingy and yet again took turns pushing it really fast and when it was my turn to push I went really fast and Natasha kept shouting “OH FUDGE” because I was going fast when we all got a shot of pushing Robyn and Lucy N came so me and Robyn pushed Lucy N, Natasha and Jennifer. But to my surprise my little cousin Lewis M came so me Lucy N and Lewis M went for shelter as it was spitting with rain.

Once it was 7.00 me, Natasha and Jennifer had to go so we walked Natasha to her house the went to my house to lock up my bike, then took Jennifer home and I was mucking about with her and her big brother Craig until they went out somewhere!



What I done over the weekend!!!!

free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com On Satuarday I was hanging out with my big cousin (Cameron) and waiting on our little cousin (Lewis), because Lewis was staying over at Cameron’s house.

When Lewis arrived, Cameron and me had gotten Cameron’s big brothers bike out along with Cameron’s bike, so that we could cycle to see our Grandpa Bert who lived near Cameron’s house. It only took 5 minutes to cycle to our grandpa’s house, but when we got there Lottie (our little cousin) announced that they were going to the park, so we cycled home.

When we got to Cameron’s house, Cameron wanted to go to the shop. So he asked his mum and we all got 1 pound each so we got on the bikes and cycled over to the Town Square (Which is in Grangemouth). After cycling over to the Town Square we all went into a shop but Lewis didnt like anything there, so we went into the next shop and Cameron and Lewis got a can of cola each and I got Limeade and Me and lewis got chewing gum. Lewis got Strawberry hubba bubba and I got sour apple. When we cycled to Cameron’s house we asked if we could go to my house and we were allowd, so we cycled over to my dads house and played football until we asked if they could come to dinner and they were allowd!!! At the resteraunt we met up with our cousin Ellie and uncle Vance and auntie Val. We had a great time but then we all had to go. When I got home I watched my favourite program called Supernatural.

Please click on Betty Boop to get on the P6V class shared wiki!!

MY 5 DAY’S IN NYC!!!!!

Sorry i have not had a proper post on about my most AMAZING holiday. The reason is that i was waiting for my mum to upload some pics to the laptop and so now they are on the computer so here is a pic of the empire state building veiw!…

And that is not half the veiw believe me!!

Next is a picture of Times Square And if anybody likes coca cola then you will like this picture…

Now i will tell you about my AMAZING 5 days in NYC!!!

So when you arrive at the airport you usually go and get your passports checked and then you go and get your

luggage and it takes usually 15 minutes at the most to get your luggage but it took an HOUR  to get mine and my mum’s suitcase’s because ours were at the bottom of the plane, so when we finally got our luggage we had to stand in a HUGE long cue to get a cab (american name for a taxi), but we eventually got a cab which smelled of smoke but the cab driver opened the window so me and my mum could hear the music of the macy’s thanks-giving parade and to tell the truth it was AWESOME but not for long, because half of the roads were closed! But our cab driver was arguing with a policeman to get us down a short cut to our hotel (hotel thirty thirty) but we still got there. When we Finally got to the hotel thirty thirty we got quick reseption and if you ever go to NYC please stay at the hotel thirty thirty. Here are some facts about the hotel thirty thirty


My Fourth Treasured Possession!

Hello Yet again I know it is the same post but it is a different treasured possession

 this time it is my grandads binoculars they are special to me because he only wanted me to have them here is a pic:

and i love them i would NEVER throw them away they also have a really nice smell

they have had the same smell since 1945 or something like that

anyway that is my last treasured possession

ok i hope you liked them and plzzzzz leave comments

 thank you.

My Third Treasured Possession!

Hi again here is my third treasured possession! ok his name is Bacon

he is a pig and he is very special to me. I would never throw him away because he has been in my family longer than me!

i hope i do not accidently throw him out! here is a pic of Bacon: 

He also sing this little piggy lol cool huh?

My Second Treasured Possession

Hi Again Here Is My second treasured possession:

He Is called Lambchops and he is my pet heat bottle.

I got him when i was 2 because it was winter cold in my grans house!

Here is a pic: Isn’t he cute! 🙂

My Treasured Possesions!

Hi I am going to tell you about my treasured possesions.

Ok first is my unicorn teddy sparkle ok here it goes:

Sparkle is my unicorn teddy.

 I  got her when i was getting cleaned up after being born.

 She is very special to me because it was the only present i got from my uncle Jim before he died :(.

 Here is a pic of Sparkle:)

The Winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi as it says on my blog today is monday and i have decided the winner and it is ……………..ANNA F!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well done Anna that means tha t you have won…A BLOG POST ABOUT YOU A POEM ABOUT YOU AND A PHOTO OF YOUR CHOICE!!!!!!!!!! So i know what you want for your photo and poem but that will be revealed soon ok. And once again…WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

snowball fight!!!!!!!!

Hi right now  i am goin oot to have a snowball fight with ma cousins … Lewis M and

Cameron M who will win??????????


Right i have 1 message aout the contest and i will post the results on monday so i need at least 10 votes ok byeee


Hi i am doing a new contest and all you have to do is send me a message of either a random word, an animal or your fav word (etc.Garry C’s is awesome) so good luck to all and if you win you win a free post all about you on my blog and a picture of your choice and a poem about you so good luck!!!!


Sorry i just tried the link and it just didn’t work am reely SORRY but just type in to google bunnyhero labs and do it from there!


Hi if all those who have a blog or any other website (etc.Facebook,google,bebo and many others) then please go to bunnyhero labs and click on cyber pets down the bottombut is you have a blog then please use the very first code once you click more codes down the bottom ok well thats that post bye 4 now!!!!

SWANS AT OUR SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

©Ok i know this is gonna sound kinda weird but our class (p6v) and nextdoor (p6m) went outside to have a rocket competition which you just throw a rocket and see whos was furthest but accidentally Anthony in the other class was having his turn and he hit something in the sky next thing we saw was these GREAT  big wings flapping and about to land suddenly standing…in…front of us was …TWO SWANS and these things were huge! One was white with these grey splashes all over it but it looked like mud lol!the other was just plain white with not a spek of dirt on it.I think Anthony made it angry but it was an accident but people didnt help it by screaming i just stood where mrs v wanted me too and watched every move but i did that because when i was 4 i had no bread left for them and they came up to the park gate and bit my pinkie it sounds funny but it hurt!right back to what happened today here is a pic of them…

cool arnt they?so when we saw the swans we looked for a minute and then mrs v was banging on the door but nobody could hear her so we sent molly and sean around to the main office door to get us in so we got in eventually but when we got in miss M was still outside and she was trying to get the rockets, but it was easy because the swans were making there way to the main enterance door everybody was watching them,from the window and then we saw mrs N and mr A (the janitor) going out with food so we watched them do that and then the bell rang so when everybody got outside they were going up snow hills and watching mr A splash them with water.Every primary was watching this from their window, but we saw it, up close, because we attracted them.It was fascinating(for me)other people thought it was mental but heres another thing…Lewis and Dylan went and got there foam rocket!!! that is what happened!!!!!!!

My 12 days of no school

©(copyright) Hi if you have a blog that c in a circle sign means copyright so all of my blog is COPYRIGHT  not that everybody will do posts exactlly like i would!


Hi like my new header? My mum took it when i was in new york she took it when we were on the 86th floor of the…EMPIRE STATE BUILDING that is how high up it is and my hotel was 2 blocks away ok well that is that post!

Winter Icicles!!!!!


Hi my teacher Mrs V said we had to write an amaganitive story or a diary of the snowy days so i am doing a story so here we go!!!

‘YAWN’ Caitlyn just woke from the screech of her mothers voice mixed with the kettle.Caitlyn got out of bed and put on her usual uncool grey pinnafer!

When she was halfway down the stairs her mum said “change if plans,no school today”.”can i go outside then”asked Caitlyn her mum was astonished by her asking that because it was freeeeeeeezing outside


Hi as all my classmates know… im in …NEW YORK CITY!!!!! I flew in on thursday and am going back to GB to night one the 1st day i just wandered around the shops!!!cool shops here btw on the 2nd day i … went up the empire state building AWESOME!!!!!! On the 3rd day i went to rock a fila centre AWESOME Again!!!!! On the 5th day i went to time square and american girland build a bear come on everybody likes bears and that leaves to day i went to ground zero and lucky yous you get snow and it is 0nly 2.28 here bye.

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