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my ducks laid an egg!!!!

Today my grampa and I was watching the tv when we went to put the ducks to bed me and my grandpa found out that they had laid an egg here is a picture

space facts

1.Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon.

2.The late NASA research pilot

too find more facts go to

parents evening

Hi guys i’m so nerves about my report i hope i get a good one(BYE)!!!


Hi guys today i’m babysitting my cousin Max with my mum  he’s driving me (MAD)we played dodgeball,tig,football and loads more right now he’s having a bath after that we’re go to sitdown and watch(GARFIELD).

favourite cars

Ferrai and Pininfarina

info on my Call Ducks

These are particularly colourful breed of duck-perhaps my favourite of the calls-as i think these photos illustrate.

We have had a funny breeding season with them this year.The frist eggs went into the incubator but unfortunately very few hacth,and those which did were nearly all drakes.We had a good hatch in mid June,with more ducks than drakes so balance is now fairly even.In the middle of August we were very surprised to see our oldest silver duck,flying down into the Apricots Calls’pen,marching into thier hut and promotly laying an egg.She laid nine in total and hatched all of them sowe now have plenty of late ducklings!


Here are my Ducks there names are Donald and Daise. There fav food is slugs worms and pellets.

My Links

kian , Jack, Ryan L , Andrew ,Sean.

best friends

Sean, Andrew,Kyle,Garry


my dog

my dogs name is Holly she is 1 year old

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