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Card tower !!! (MAGIC)

Card tower !! xx

Hey in class yesterday me and Eilidh D made a couple of card towers its was SOOO fun.The first one was tiny and it only took a couple of mins. Next ... to be continued

Cally park/house

In school were doing our topic on the Victorians so for our class trip we went to Cally park , well technically Calander house. Before we went we got split into 3 groups, the green group , the red group and the black group but in the end we didnt go in them groups. So we took a coach bus there which was fun, i sat next to Eilidh and we played yellow car. When we got there,there was 2 ladies dressed in Victorian clothes, 1 of them was a laundry ladie and the other was a cook and they gave a little introduction. After that we went into the house and put our coats in the cloak room thing and then we got split into 2 groups it was kinda the same groups tho but the black group got split up. My group went to the launrdy room first and the other group went to the kitchen. First of all we went in to the place where they did the laundry (obviously) and we got told to sit down at the tables so there was 7 at each. Then the woman asked us some questions about laundry and Victorian clothes, she also showed us lots of utensils like irons that you had to put on the fire to make it hot, a thing that looked like a plunger, this thing that you spun to make the clothes clean and lots more. She Also showed us some REAL victorian clothes one was a jacket that was velvet and the other one was a really pretty Shawl that had lace and beads on it and we had to try and guese what fabrics were used to make it. We even got to use some of the utensils to wash the clothes.

After a while we swaped and our group went into the kitchen. First we put on cooking clothes i think , the boys put on a waist coat and a cap and the girls put on a apron and a bonnet. Then we went into the kitchen. First we had to wash our hands because we were going to cook then we got put into 2 or 3’s, me and Eilidh were together 🙂 All the groups got a bowl which had cream stuff in it and we had to add lots of stuff tho Eilidh couldn’t touch some stuff coz shes allergic to nuts 🙁 we also had to mix it with different types of whisk’s. In the end it made snow cheese and we all got to try one that was already made ( apart from eilidh and molly but they got merangs). We got told about some things in the kitchen and then we went to get our coats and waited outside for the other group, then we got on the bus and went back to school 🙂 🙂 xxxxx

My top 10

These are some of my fave songs but btw there not in order:

1.We are who we are              Ke$ha

2.Rockatear                               Far East Movement

3.Eyes wide shut                      Jls

4.Price tag                                  Jessie j

5.Grenade                                   Bruno Mars

6.Hollywood                             Michele Buble

7.Tonight                                   enrique iglesias

8.Coming home                      Dirty Money ft. Skylar Grey

9.Peacock                                 Katy perry

10.Never say never             Justin beiber ft Jayden smith

Star !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxx

Hey d’ya like ma stars i drew on paint !!!!!!!!xxxxxx click on the star to make it bigger.

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My guinie pig xx

my pet!I actually have a pet guinea pig named snufles he is a boy and three colours black,brown and white he has to be kept inside right now coz of the cold weather but should be back outside in about march.When i got him he was 3.01 grams but the last time i weighed him he was 9.02 grams.Hes one cute and cuddly guinea pig and i love him loads xxxxxxx

My piggie

Interactive Pig

The landing of the 2 swans

There was only 3 groups left, as th other groups were doing something diffrent. Thats when it happend we were all sreaming and shouting and thats when Mrs. V finally noticed what had happend, there was 2 GIANT swans sitting in our playground. She was telling all of us to get inside but no-one was listning we were all far to excited 🙂 One of the swans were a blacky grey colour and the other one was plain white. Eilidh.D said that the black opne was a girl swan . By now we were all inside and gawping out the window. A couple of mins later the bell rang for hometime, we all ran as fast as we could outside but when we got there the swans werent there …. our janny Mr. A had took them both into the football park and was now feeding them bread 🙂


OMG in like 3 days weve got to present a individual talk about anything we want sounds easier than it is. im doing mine on my guinea pig heres an explanation:

First of all hes a boy and he’s called snuffles ( i know not a very boyish name lol) he’s got a white streak down his brown and black head, a white body and brown body. He eats guinea pig food and veg apart from at night then we swap the veg with hay.He lives outside in a run and theres a hutch inside were he sleeps. Chelsea’s guinea pig lives in there aswell , her ones brown and white and called Rodney. Im finding most of my imformation by books apart from the stuff i already know.

well by for now 🙂 🙂

Bonfire Night

Tonight is bonfire night and ive just been to cally park. I went with my mum dad and my biggest sister Chelsea but Courtney didnt wan’t to come because she thought it was embarrising haveing to go out with her family when her other friends got to go eith there friends, so instead she stayed with my granny. It took them a while to set it all (up so it was only 20 minuits instead of 30) but once they got it going it was good.They were all really pretty but some of them were too bright to look at. There was this really pretty one that after it went bang it showerd down. There was some that when they went off it filled the whole sky, them ones were normally pink or purple, I dont think Chelsea liked them much but thats only coz she dosnt like the big BANG that they make. At the end there was a small light up sign that said bye.On the way back i nearly slipped down the hill coz it was REALLY muddy!!! It was funny when we got to the car because wher we normally park is always jampacked and my mum nearlly got hrw but there was one car that was sticking out.There waspeople kinda gatherd round the car so the stood in and the 1 of the guys had ovbiously relized that my mum was having a hard time getting threw, so he came up and put the cars that were beside us wing mirrors in. My mum smiled  and put a hand up to say thanks. So that was my day on BonfireNight.

           Remember To Stay Safe On Bonfire Night

 These are the rules to saftey on Bonfire Night:

1. Keep fire works in a closed box                                                                                                                                2. An adult should light a firework not a child                                                                                                        3. Dont put fireworks in your pocket                                                                                                                         4. Hold sparklres with gloves on                                                                                                                                   5. Dont go back to a fire work once its lit                                                                                                                  6. Keep pets inside                                                                                                                                                              7. Light fireworks with a torch if its dark not a match


Frenz for-eva

ImageChef Sketchpad - My 3 bestos


hey do you like my star???   plz comment and say what you think of my drawing.

Random :)

ImageChef Sketchpad - Hi …don’t worry i no it’s random.

Max In The Middle

Meeting Monday: On Monday we met ash and Lawrence( that was why they could it meeting Monday).The first thing we did was play the zombie game.To play the zombie game you had to stand in a circle and 1 person would be the zombie and they would stand in the middle of the middle.They would have to walk slowly and put there hands out like a zombie,they walk towards a person, to get the zombie away from you,you had to say another persons name 3 times but if they reached you before you said a name 3 times you would have to be the zombie.Next we played the funky chicken game it was a dancing game all you had to do was mimic ash.After that we spelled out max in our groups(my group was called the funky bananas).Then we had make a scene of what max is in the middle of ,in my group we put him in the middle of friends fighting.Next we learned our dance to “stuck in the middle of you by Bob Sinclair”.After that we went back to class and Lawrence and ash handed out stickers.

Tasty Tuesday: On tasty Tuesday we rehearsed  the dance again then we made some healthy food .we went into 3 groups my group was makeing oatcakes and cheese, there was three types of cheese 1:wensleydale    2: soft cheese  and 3: Bree (i spread the soft cheese with Natasha). The other group made salmon boats which was lettuce with salmon and mayo on it, and the last group made fruity tutti rumble tumble but i dont exactly no what was in them.Then we got to taste them but i didn’t try anything as they all looked disgusting in my opinion.After that we handed out stickers again then the last thing we did was do our max files. 

Workout Wednesday: First we did our food scenes,ours was called Cafe Max in the scene i was a table.Next we did our exercise routinesours was stamina and strength.For stamina we did a slow motion race and for strength well….. me and Lucy jam lifted up Natasha and the other people in our group pretended to have a tug of war compotion.Last of all we went back to class and gave out stickers again.

Thinking Thursday: On thursday we rehearsed everything and learned a new dance.We got to make up our own freestye part so i made mine with Natasha and Eilidh.That day we also put the show in order.

Finale Friday: On Friday we done the show we invited our parents and our Buddy’s they all got try the food as well. 🙂 🙂

Joke’s ha ha ha

What do you call a deer with no eyes? I’ve got no-eye-deer!                                                      What do you call a polar bear with ear muffs on? Anything you want it cant hear you!                What type of dog likes a bubble bath?    A shampoodle!                                                                 Whats a vampires faveourite type of dog?  Any type of bloodhound!                                           What did one eye say to the other? Between you and me something smells!               What did a man say to a bald man? If you draw a rabbit on our head from afar it’ll look like hare!      

                                            Quistions are in orange and anwsers are in blue!

Heres a joke that a person called kay told me its a chewing gum joke What’s the diffrence between a teacher and a train?                           A teacher says spit it out and a train says chew chew!

                                                               If you have any jokes please tell me!!!

Info about courtneys hamster

Hey in this post i’m going to tell you all about my big sister’s hamster. First of all i’ll tell you that it’s called Banoffee and its a white and biege colour. When we wnet to pets at home she wanted to get a dwarf hamster which only grows up to 3 inches but the women in the shop said that,that type of hamster is prone to bite. She said that the syrian hamsters were the best to handle and showed us the all the syrian hamsters. Banoffee was the only one awake and lively, she siad she wanted that one so the lady picked it up and let us stroke it thats when she decided for sure she wanted that one. They took the hamster away and put it in a tiny cardboard box then put it on the floor, the woman then took courtney and showed her diffrent cage’s. When courtney decided what cage she wanted the woman told her that she got free bedding and sawdust with it. So she bought the hamster and the cage and then we drove home. On the way home it was trying to escape by putting it’s teeth threw the hole’s in the box and chewing it,by the time we got home it could get it’s whole head threw the hole it had made.The bad thing was i had to hold it while they were building the cage. It took courtney about 4 days to decied what she wanted to call it, she was either going to call it biscuit bannofee. The first 2 days it wasnt nocturnal and it went on its wheel all the time but now it mostly sleep’s.    
                                                                                                                                     (Wierd fact she dosnt sleep in her house  she sleeps in her tube)
Hope you enjoed this post remeber and comment Xxx.

DOT DOT DOT (by anna brooke and natasha)

this is for Anna!!! :)

I love pigs !!!

Cartoon cow !!!

Courtneys hamster


This is my big sisters hamster !!!!      Isnt it cute xxx   

About me !!!

hey just here to tell you a bit about me. FRIENDS NaTaShA i love tasha well …just because i do, vAiLa well ive knowen her since we were young, AlYsOn & aNnA well there just    MAD !!!  Lucy jam  shes funny last of all Eilidh.D I i like her glasses ( there all hilareous ) .             i’ll finesh this later!!!



Hi, just here to tell you about some of my hobbies. First of all i do swimming every wedensday (which i love) one of my friends in p7 dose it as well so that makes more fun. I also go climbing quite alot (which i also love). I normally go with my dad as my mum dose not like climbing, we go rock climbing and indoor climbing. Last year i did cross country with mrs.w which was so fun and hopefully i’ll get in this year. 🙂              Hope you enjoyed this 🙂


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