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Callendar House

Hi everyone! Everybody in my class went on a school trip to Callendar House last Friday. We went there to learn a bit more about the Victorians, which is our topic for this term. Anyway, our homework is to write about the trip so here is a post on what we did there…

When we arrived we were split into two groups. One group went into the Victorian Kitchen, and the other group (the one I was in) went into the Victorian Washing Room. My group went into the Victorian Washing Room. When we arrived in the Washing Room we were told about the tools the Victorian’s  used and then we had to guess how they used them. Then we got to try washing clothes using the tools that the Victorians used. We soon found out it was really hard work. After that the lady that was showing us around went and got 2 pieces of clothing that were made in the Victorian times and said that we had to try and think of answers to the following questions: Who do you think wore the clothes and what do you think they were made of? Then she brought in some tools used by the Victorians and asked us some questions about them. Then it was time for the two groups to swap places. My group went into the Victorian Kitchen and the other group went into the Laundry Room. In the Kitchen we made a Victorian recipe that the rich would have. I can’t remember the name of the food but here is the recipe. It’s for one bowl of the food.

You Will Need

A large bowl half-filled with cream

1 teaspoon of Rosemary

1 teaspoon of lemon juice

3 biscuits

Half a spoonfull of sugar

Small bowl half-filled with almonds

1 Mortar and Pestle

1 Whisk


1. Whisk cream till thick.

2. Crush almonds with Mortar and Pestle.

3. Crush biscuits with Mortar and Pestle.

4. Pour crushed almonds and biscuits into bowl of cream.

5. Whisk until almonds and biscuits are mixed in with cream.

6. Put the teaspoon of rosemary in mixture and whisk.

7. Put the teaspoon of lemon juice in the mixture and whisk.

8. Put the sugar in the mixture and whisk.

9. Enjoy.

After we had made the food it was time to leave. We went outside and had our snack, then went back to school.

Treasured Possesion

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t done a post for a while. I have been working on my ePortfolio. Anyway, everyone in my class had to write about their most treasured posession. I shall say what I wrote in the following post…

My most treasured posession is my new bike. My mum and dad got me it for my birthday this year. I love it. It’s my first ever bike with gears and it’s also my first ever adult bike. It came with a matching helmet. I could never throw it away because it’s really cool, has great suspension and cost lots.

Remember to comment. See Ya!


Hi everyone!. Today was a fun day at school because all the P6’s got outside to play because it has been a wet break since we started back! But about 10 minutes before the bell we all got a surprise. So heres the story…


It was a normal afternoon. We went outside for the last hour of the day as we had not got out at school since it started back. The other P6 was coming out as well. The other P6’s teacher was called Miss M. She brought out with her the little foam rockets. When we were outside we were told to get in groups of 10 to play the game she had in mind. I went with Aaron, Tommy, Kyle, Jack, Kian, Ryan R, Ryan L, and some other people. There was 7 people who didnt have a group so they had to stand at the side and watch. The game was this…Each team (there was 3 teams) had 1 of the foam rockets (there was also 3 of them). You had to throw the rocket as far as possible, then go and collect it. The winner is the person who throws it the furthest. Everyone got a shot. My team won all of the throws so we called ourselfs the champions. After that all of my team went with Miss M. Half of the other 2 teams also went. This was so the 7 people who didnt get a shot could get a shot. Miss M had taken out with her another foam rocket, but this one had a pump that came with it. There was no teams for this game. The idea was you had to use the pump to get the rocket to go the furthest. There was a final to see who was the best. I was rubbish at it and got nowhere near the final. The 2 finalists were Jack and Angus. The final was really close. They had to do it into the wind because it was the final. Angus got it about 2ft and Jack was just behind him. Unlucky Jack! Then something very peculiar happened. Someone shouted “Look over there!” And right over in the middle of the playground were 2 giant geese. They were flapping there giant wings like they were angry. They were wider than the widest human and about as tall as me (1.4 metres)! Mrs V and Mrs M rushed everyone in because they said they were dangerous. Someone went round to the janitors office an told him about it. He went out and calmed them down and gave them some food. In class I heard whta  happened (because I never saw how it happened, I just saw 2 angry geese flapping about). The 2 geese had laid eggs at our school and were returning to look after them. They were just in the middle of the playground when Anthony’s foam rocket hit one of the geese. That goose started flapping its wings in anger and then the other goose joined in. It was 2 rampaging geese going around the playground! Now you dont see that every day!


Incase you think Im lying, I swear on my own life all of that is true. See ya!


Winter Report

Hi everyone!  Everyone in my class needs to  do a post on their blog or wikispaces about what they done   during the break off school. It snowed for ages so the school was off. I am starting from the 1st Tuesday as I cant remember what I done the 1st Monday.

My Winter Report


Today men were due to come in from Glasgow to put new windows in my house. This was because the windows that were in my house at the time were quite old and drafty.The men didnt make it because the roads were really icy in Glasgow (and Falkirk). I was glad because if the men had came then I would have had to go to my grans (thats no actually that bad, its just because I wouldnt have my PS3). I went out and played in the snow and had a snowball fight. It was good snow for building so my dad brought up the idea of making a snowman. I went and rolled a ball of snow for the head of the snowman while my dad built up the body. I then rolled another ball of snow for my dad to use to build up the body. My dad helped me get the ball back to where the snowman was (in my front garden) because it was really big and heavy. Once the snowman was built my dad went back inside and I had a snowball fight with my next door neighbour Callum.


Today the men from Glasgow came in to put new windows in my house. We werent expecting them so when they arrived we were all in our pyjamas. My mum got dressed and took us to grannys house while the men were preparing all their stuff. Their was only two men that came so only one window was done at a time. When I arrived at my grans, my granny was just up and my grandad was away to the shops. He took a bit longer because of the snow and ice, which meant he couldn’t take his car. My gran was surprised as it was only about 9 o’clock and she thought that was the time we would be getting up at and not arriving at herhouse. She didnt have lots of the food we like because she wasnt expecting us.When I got in I said “Hi” to my gran then sat down on the couch and played my DS while my brothers Ryan and Ben ran around the house playing guns (in other words playing with my grans toy guns). Once I had been at my grans for about 30 minutes my grandad got up. He had to get ready right away and got to my Papa’s house to do his washing and see how he was getting on. My Papa is actually my Great-Grandad but I call him Papa fro short. he is 97 years old so my Grandad needs to look after him (he gets meals on wheels and stuff so my grandad doesnt do everything for him). Soon after my grandad left I went onto my grandads laptop. I went on my blog (which I am on right now) and worked on a post about when my little brother Ryan  signed for the falkirk academy. Then I went and played guns with Ryan and ben. Thats really what I done for most of the day. I slept at my grans because my house was freezing. I kind of felt sorry for my mum and dad, sleeping in a freezing house. I had to sleep next to Ben (who is only 3) becaus there is only 3 bedrooms in my grans house.


Today I woke up and went downstairs to play my DS. I then had breakfast and got my clothes on (I was in my pyjamas). Then I had yesterdays advent calendar chocolate (I saved todays one for later).  I played a game of battleships with Ryan then had lunch. After lunch I watched TV for about 1 hour. Then I went on the laptop for about 1 hour. After that I went outside in the snow and had a snowball fight. At one point Ryan was advancing at me with 2 snowballs so I ran behind a bin with a huge pile of snow on top of it. Ryan ran at me and I just shoved all teh snow off the bin and onto him. He got some down his neck but it was funny. Soon after Ryan went in and that left me and grandad out in the snow. Grandad wanted to make a snowman so I agreed. They werent the best snowmen in the world because the snow wasnt good for building so I couldnt go and roll a ball of snow for a head, but they were still good given the circumstances. Then we went inside to have dinner. Soon after my mum came to pick us up and take us home. The house didnt smell very nice, it smlt like fresh paint. And we couldnt go in some of the rooms because they hadnt been cleaned (all the rooms were covered in wood shavings and stuff so they needed cleaning. All the bedrooms and the living room an kitchen were cleaned but the room with the computer and PS3 werent. I was still glad to be home, though.


When I woke up today I looked out the window and saw our snowman was leaning backwards, like someone had charged into it. I was quite annoyed because to fix it we would have to take the head off and demolish half the body. After lunch me and my dad went out to repair the snowman. The snow wasn’t good for building which made it hard. Luckily, the snow that my dad knocked off the snowman was good so we used that snow to fix the snowman. The new snowman looked better than the old one, I thought. It was bigger and was harder to knock over. Then a boy called Sam, who lives in my street, came out. Then my little brother Ryan came out and we all had a snowball fight.


Today I would usually have football, but it was cancelled because of the snow. I had a lazy day instead. I stayed inside an played my PS3 and computer for some of the day. I went out for about 30 minutes and had a snowball fight, but came back in after I got snow in my eyes and down my neck. I then went up into my room and built some of my lego sets. I built up 2 sets, but they were both quite big. The 1st one was the lego castle. It was really cool and came with 8 minifigures (lego figures) and a dragon (made of lego). The 2nd one was the lego City Corner. It was made up of 2 buildings. The 1st building is a shop with only 1 floor, and the 2nd building was a pizza place with 3 floors. The 1st one is the kitchen, the 2nd one is the restaurant with tables and chairs and the last floor is the attic. The set also came with a bus, with enough seats to hold 5 passengers and the driver, and also 5 minifigures.


Today my football coach had arranged for everyone in my team to go to Stenhousemuir Sports Centre for training, as we hadnt been able to play for about 1 week now. It was inside. We were there from 11:15 to 1:30 (I think). After that my mm had arranged with 2 of her friends called Fiona and Karen to go to a place in Stirling called the Springkerse View. I has a restaurant and play area inside. We all went to the play area. Ryan and Ben also came. Karen  had brought her kids called  Amy and Ryan and Fiona had brought her kids called Kate and Sara. Since there is 2 Ryans, lets call my little brother Ryan 2 and the other one Ryan 1. Me and Ryan 2 went away to play with Ryan 1. I found it quite hard to play with the 2 Ryans while looking after Ben. We all followed Ryan 1 and we started spying on this random guy who we called ‘the Guy’. Eventually I got Ben to play with the girls (Kate, Sara and Amy). Then this wee boy started running around trying to catch us. We called this boy ‘The Wee Guy’. Then we found that the girls were playing in this little place that we made our hideout. We called it ‘The Agency’. There was only 2 ways in, which were 2 tubes. These were easy to defend, because no unauthorised people were aloud in ‘The Agency’. Me and Ben guarded one of the tubes while Amy guarded the other one. Ryan 1 and 2, Kate and Sara all stayed in the middle bit. Then it was time for dinner. After dinner we never used the agency again because some toddlers crawled into it while we were away and we couldn’t get them to leave.


Today me and my dad went into Stirling to get a Christmas Tree. We went into a furniture place first to get new curtains for our new windows. When we went into B&Q to get the christmas tree. The nicest one was a 6ft Mixed Pine Artificial Tree. We bought it and carried it back to the car. Then we went into PC World to see if there was any games I might like to get for christmas. I wasn’t aloud to buy any though. On the way home we went into Torwood Garden Centre and bought a sledge. When we got home we went on the sledge. My dad is really good at it because when you come to a corner you go swinging round. Then Ryan came out and we had a snowball fight.


Today when I woke up I noticed that someone had knocked the head off our snowman. Me, Ryan and my dad went out and me and my dad put the head back on. After that we got out the sledge and my dad pulled us around. Then we had a snowball fight. I used great trick with the bin again. After that I went back inside and watched TV.

Max in the Middle

Hi everybody! Sorry if you are not very happy with me not putting any posts on lately. I have been really busy so I have not had the time. Anyway, all week we have been doing a project called Max in the Middle. Two people called Ash (a woman) and Lawrence (a man) came in and done all sorts of drama, dancing and stuff. Here is callendar of the events…


Today was the first day of Max in the Middle. Ash made up cool names for all the days and todays was Meeting Monday. Today we done lots of drama. We played cool games like the zombie game. For the zombie game everyone went in a circle and one person went in the middle. The person in the middle had to walk towards someone on the outside while acting like a zombie ( like walking slow and going uhhh). The person the ‘zombie’ was walking towards had to say someone else in the class’s name three times before the ‘zombie’ got to them. At the end of the day we had a sticker nomination. Five people in the class chose someone who they thought had worked well and behaved well and deserved a sticker. I was nominated by Mrs V because I tried hard and listened.


Today was Tasty Tuesday because we made food. We made the food up till lunchtime. There was three different foods. They were called Fruity Crumble Tumble, Salmon Boats and Oat Cakes with Cheese (bet you can guess what that’s made of!). I made the Fruity Crumble Tumble but I only liked the Salmon Boats. Here is the recipe for Fruity Crumble Tumble…

How to Make Fruity Crumble Trumble

What you will need: A packet of berries

Rice Krispies

Chopped up Pears, Pineapples and Peaches





Plastic Cups

2 Bowls

A Bag

A Rolling Pin

Method: 1. Pour the berries into the bag.

2. With a Rolling Pin, crush all the berries.

3. Now pour the berries into a bowl.

4. Put the berries aside and get out the yoghurt and honey.

5. Pour the yoghurt into the other bowl and add two spoonfuls of honey.

6. Stir till all lumps have disappeared.

7. Put it aside and move onto the pinapple, peaches and pears.

8. If the fruit is not completely chopped up then chop it up.

9. Get your plastic cup.

10. Put two spoonfuls of fruit at the bottom of the cup. Put the honey and yoghurt mixture on top followed by the Rice Krispies. Last of all put the berries on top.

11. Enjoy.

You might enjoy this healthy little snack but I didn’t really like it. I didn’t like it because the berries we used at school were really sour. After lunch we practised our first dance. It was to the song called Stuck in the Middle With You by Stealers Wheels. It was quite a slow dance but it still had a few hard moves. I didn’t get nominated for the sticker nomination because you could only get nominated once.                                                                                                                                           


Today was called Workout Wednesday because we had to work really hard to master the first dance and learn the second dance. The second dance was to Everybody Dance Now. It was much quicker and harder but was more fun. We also had to try and finish off the play so all we had to do was rehearse on Thursday.


Today was thinking Thursday because we had to finish off what we were going to do in our performance and put the performance together, then rehearse it. It was hard work and I began to think we would never perform the show because a lot of people were chatting and making silly comments. Eventually we put all the bits together and made our performance! 😉  We then had to rehearse because Ash and Lawrence wanted our show to be good. I was so excited because we were doing our show tomorrow!


Today was called Finale Friday because…it was the day of our performance! 🙂 😉 We performed all morning and I was so excited because we were going to do the show in front of our buddies and parents! I began to feel nervous though. The show went really well and everyone got a sticker after it. My mum and dad said they were really proud of me. 😉 I think I might just do a post about it on our class blog. 

That’s all I have to say for now. Remember and comment!!!!!         


I love maths. In fact it’s my favourite subject at school. In this post I am going to tell you all about the maths work I do at school.

Most of the time I go to P7 for maths and do work out of the Level E textbook but sometimes I get to stay in my class and do interesting work. That’s the type of work I am going to tell you about in this post. Today I got to stay in my class and we learned how fractions can help your blogging skills! If you want to make a picture smaller or bigger you have to be good at fractions so you can make the picture just the right length and breadth.

Today we played around the world. Around the world is a maths game. I didn’t do very good. 🙁 No one won because lots of people were chatting so Mrs V couldn’t here the answers, which meant we had to stop playing. 🙁 

Keep your eye on this post. I will update it next time I do some interesting maths work!!!!!! Remember and comment.