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Merry Christmas

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas! I know Im a bit late for a Christmas post, but better late than never! Did you enjoy Christmas? And was Santa good to you?  He was good to me! I got loads of presents! I shall explane the story of my Christmas in the following post. So read on…

I had a very poor sleep on Christmas Eve I went to bed at 8:30 and got to sleep at 10 o’clock. I woke up at 3 o’clock and then again at 5 o’clock. Then I got to sleep till 7:30 and got up. My mum went downstairs to check if Santa had been. My mum came back up with good news so I woke up my little brother Ryan. Then me, Ryan and my mum went through to my little brother Bens room. We decided not to wake him up as he looked like he was in a deep sleep. So we went downstairs to the wonder waiting…When I walked in all I could see were presents. The presents for me were on the couch closest to the conservatory. The first present I opened was the biggest on. It was a 19 inch, HD TV with 50 Freeview channels. Then I opened the second biggest present. It was a Lego set called the Miedeval Market Village. I was really happy because it was on the list I wrote to Santa. I kept on opening presents and soon he living room was full of mine and my Ryan’s Christmas presents. Here is a list of some other things I got. Call Of Duty Black Ops, a toy gun, goalie gloves, sweets and 3 packs of Match Attacks.Their was a thing behind the couch for everyone to play with to. It was a 3 in 1 Pool Table, Air Hockey Table and Table Football. I am now really good at pool (I was already quite good at air hockey and table football). Once all the presents from Santa were opened me, Ryan and my mum (my dad was working dayshift) opened the presents from under the tree. Most of the ones for me were Selection Boxes. After all my presents were opened I went through to the den (the den is a name of one of the rooms in my house) and played Call Of Duty Black Ops on my PS3. Just after I had done the 1st mission on the Campaign, Ben woke up. I done one more mission then I went through and watched ben open his presents. Here are some of the presents Ben got. A Toy Story laptop (not a real laptop), a Fireman Sam bike, 3 Playmobil sets and some other things. After that I played Call of Duty Black ops again, until my Gran and Grandad came down with more presents! They got me a Lego set called the Lego City Passenger plane and Maltesers. My gran and grandad stayed at our house because they were having dinner their. Soon after my Grandma and Grandpa came down. They brought even more presents! They had a bagfull of presents for me, Ryan and Ben! I got chocolates, a DS game and some other stuff. Soon my Grandm and Grandpa left because they were going to my Auntie and Uncle’s house for their Christmas Dinner. My gran and grandad stayed and had their christmas dinner at my house. Our christmas dinner was delicious! Heres what we had. We had chicken, sausage wrapped in bacon, potatoes, potato mash and for dessert we had cheesecake or merangue and strawberries, or profiteroles.

So thats pretty much what I did on christmas day! See ya!