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Hi everyone!. Today was a fun day at school because all the P6’s got outside to play because it has been a wet break since we started back! But about 10 minutes before the bell we all got a surprise. So heres the story…


It was a normal afternoon. We went outside for the last hour of the day as we had not got out at school since it started back. The other P6 was coming out as well. The other P6’s teacher was called Miss M. She brought out with her the little foam rockets. When we were outside we were told to get in groups of 10 to play the game she had in mind. I went with Aaron, Tommy, Kyle, Jack, Kian, Ryan R, Ryan L, and some other people. There was 7 people who didnt have a group so they had to stand at the side and watch. The game was this…Each team (there was 3 teams) had 1 of the foam rockets (there was also 3 of them). You had to throw the rocket as far as possible, then go and collect it. The winner is the person who throws it the furthest. Everyone got a shot. My team won all of the throws so we called ourselfs the champions. After that all of my team went with Miss M. Half of the other 2 teams also went. This was so the 7 people who didnt get a shot could get a shot. Miss M had taken out with her another foam rocket, but this one had a pump that came with it. There was no teams for this game. The idea was you had to use the pump to get the rocket to go the furthest. There was a final to see who was the best. I was rubbish at it and got nowhere near the final. The 2 finalists were Jack and Angus. The final was really close. They had to do it into the wind because it was the final. Angus got it about 2ft and Jack was just behind him. Unlucky Jack! Then something very peculiar happened. Someone shouted “Look over there!” And right over in the middle of the playground were 2 giant geese. They were flapping there giant wings like they were angry. They were wider than the widest human and about as tall as me (1.4 metres)! Mrs V and Mrs M rushed everyone in because they said they were dangerous. Someone went round to the janitors office an told him about it. He went out and calmed them down and gave them some food. In class I heard whta  happened (because I never saw how it happened, I just saw 2 angry geese flapping about). The 2 geese had laid eggs at our school and were returning to look after them. They were just in the middle of the playground when Anthony’s foam rocket hit one of the geese. That goose started flapping its wings in anger and then the other goose joined in. It was 2 rampaging geese going around the playground! Now you dont see that every day!


Incase you think Im lying, I swear on my own life all of that is true. See ya!