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Homer the Hamster!

Hi everyone! You know how I said I would do a new post about my hamster when I get it! Well I have it now (I actually got it 1 week ago but I waited until I had some pictures of it before I put on this post). His name is Homer and now he is about 10/11 weeks old. When I first got him he bit me and my mum but now he is tame. In this picture he is getting some food out of his food bowl. He puts the food in his pouches then empties it into it’s bed. I have a ball for it to run aroud in. It is quite funny when it is in it’s ball!

Here is a picture of it’s cage. You can’t see Homer because he is in his bed, as hamsters are nocturnal. We had a bit (well actually a lot) of hassle when we ordered the cage because it took 1 and a half weeks to come and then when it did come it was in pink! So my dad phoned the company we ordered the cage from and got them to deliver it in orange and blue, then take the pink cages back. 1 and a half weeks later they came with the orange cage and they took the pink ones back.

That’s all I have to say about my hamster for now. See ya!


Hi everyone! I have some great news…I’m getting a hamster! 2 and a half weeks ago (a long time) my dad ordered two (2 because Ryan is getting one to) really cool hamster cages off a website called CagesWorld. There was a few problems but finally they came. They came yesterday so I am getting the hamster today after school. I will do another post later when I have the hamster and hopefully I will have some pictures of it. See ya!