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Learning Log

Hi again! Today at school Mrs V gave us all a Learning Log. A learning log is when you get given something to find out about. It can be anything from finding out about food to finding out about magnetism. Most of the time you get a week to do it. We were lucky though because you normally have  to do it in a big jotter but we got to do ours on our blogs! Since our topic is on Australia my learning log is about Sydney! If any of the AllStars check out my blog could you please leave comments telling me a bit about Sydney! So heres my learning log…

My Learning Log about Sydney

About Sydney

Sydney is a big city on the coast of New South Wales. It is the largest city in Australia and has a huge population of about 4.5 million. A lot of people think it is the capital city of Australia but that would be a mistake, as it is actually Canberra that is the capital of Australia. Sydney is the capital state of New South Wales.

First Settlers

The first ever people to set foot in Australia were the Aborigines. Aboriginie means ‘ a native, a member of the earliest population’. They arrived in Australia when it was still the Ice Age here in Scotland! They had strange beliefs and lived a bit like the cavemen. The Aborigines made amazing cave paintings that we still wonder at today!

Who started Sydney?

Sydney was started by Arthur Phillip in 1788. He was leading 11 ships packed with 759 convicts to relieve the overcrowded jails.

That’s all I have time to write just now. Plz leave comments if you know any good facts about Australia!!!!!!!!