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Signing For Falkirk

Hi everyone! You know how I said I was going to put a great post on soon? Well, here it is! This post is about when my little brother Ryan went to sign for Falkirk Academy! You may be thinking ‘So what? Falkirk are rubbish!’ Well you are wrong when it comes to the Falkirk Academy. They are one of the best academy teams in Scotland! Here is what happened…


There was 3 other boys that went to sign for Falkirk. Out of the 4 people (including my little brother), 3 are in my football team. The ones who are in myt team were Ryan, Jamie and Alisdair (Alisdair’s nickname is Ali so we’ll just call him that). The other boy played for the Falkirk Community (the Falkirk Community isn’t as good as the Falkirk Academy), he is called Jack. You were aloud to bring your family with you so Ryan brought me (because I’m his big brother), Ben (my other little brother), my Mum, my Dad and my Grandad. Ali brought his Mum, his Dad, his Grandad and his two sisters. Jamie brought his big brother (called Mark), his big sister (I can’t remember her name), his Mum and his dad. Jack brought his Mum, Dad, Grandad and little sister.


First the scout who had brought Ryan, Jamie, Ali and Jack to the Falkirk Academy (the scout was called Ian)  took everyone to the Board Room (at the Falkirk Stadium, that’s where we were at this point). The Board Room is where the Chairman and stuff go to meet and talk about the club’s wellbeing and things like that. There was a man in their called Ross who told all the parents about what will happen if the boys sign the contract (even though I was their I wasn’t signing) and then he gave the boys the contract. Their dads needed to sign it as well as them. Once everyone had signed the contracts some people came into the room. They were the Deputy Chairman, the Head Goalkeeper Coach and one other person (I can’t remember who it was).


After that we got a tour of the stadium. First we went into the Trophy Room. There was lots of trophy’s in there, but none were league ones as you have to hand them back at the end of the season. At the end of the tour we were taken out to the track round the outside of the pitch. We were aloud to go on the actual pitch (your not normally aloud because they don’t want the pitch getting recked)! I got my photo taken in the goals while I was pretending to be a keeper! Then 2 Falkirk players came out. The first one was called Burton O’Brien. The second one was Higginbotttom (I can’t remember the players first name). I got my picture taken with them and I got an autograph.


After that Ian (the scout) took everyone up to the Amarillo. It was so busy there wasn’t even 1 spare seat! My dad got me and Ryan a coca-cola. He got a vodaca for my mum and him because they didn’t want to get drunk. My mum then gave me 2 pound and I got 2 packets of crisps for me and Ryan. They were ready salted flavour. We still couldn’t get a table so we had to stand and eat and drink. By the time we had finished our crisps there was a spare table up at the window where Ali was sitting. Me, Ryan, Jamie, Mark and Jamies big sister were all shoving each other to get onto the stools because there was only 2. In the end I got the best stool to myself and Jamie and Ryan shared the wobbly one. There was a man going around the amarillo with a tub for donations for a charity (I can’t remember what charity it was for).  My dad donated £4 so the man gave me and my little brother a 2 bags of sweets, which he was holding to give to all the children that donated. In it there was a selection of Haloween sweets (because this wasn’t very long after haloween). We took the sweets up to the stools at the window and watched the footballers train on the park. I had more of my sweets than Ryan did, but we both left some for the match.

The Match

Finally, the match was fue to begin. We took our seats. Everyone that was signing that day all sat at the same part of the stand. Ian and some of the other Falkirk scouts were sitting just behind us. Some of the Dundee fans were mad! They were about 21 years old. They were shouting and screaming songs with sweary words in them and jumping up and down. When Dundee scored the fans went mad and ran onto the park! They broke down a fence and wrecked part of the grass. A Dundee player (I cant remember his name) was a hacker. He booted a Falkirk player called McLain, tripped him up and jumped on him! The referee didnt see it so he got away witth his terrible crime.

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Football 3

Hi everyone! Now as you may know I play football every Saturday. This Saturday was awesome! We normally play at Forthbank, Alloa or Stenhousemuir but this season their is a new place we get matches at called Rapnloch. That is where we played earlier today. We were playing a team called Strathendrick. It was a smaller pitch than usual so we didn’t have a lot of room to sprint up the wing or pass out wide. I scored a hat trick. The first goal came nearly at half time. I got a chance to shoot so I booted it into the bottom corner. Just after half-time we got a corner. A boy in my team calledd Daniel crossed it in and I headered it into the corner. By now Strathendrick were trying very hard to get a goal and they eventually got one. ;(  Then Strathendrick got another goal and made it 2-2. Luckily I scored a goal in the last minute, got my hat trick and made us win the game. It was a tight game but we won!

That’s all I have to say for now. Remember and comment!!!!!!!!!

Football 2

Today, like last week I played a football match for Gairdoch Under 10’s.  The good thing about this week was… (drumroll) we won! We ripped the opposition 6-2! It all started from a great header from a boy called Rheise in my team. We then got one more goal before halftime. In the second half we scored lots to make it 6-2!


I play a football match in the Forth Valley Development League every Saturday with Gairdoch Under 10’s. This weeks match was a disaster. We were on top form (even though we were only winning 1-0). Then our keeper accidentally dropped the ball so their attacker took his chance, and booted it in the back of the net. By half time they had scored two more times. 3-1 to them at half time but, we scored two great goals! 3-3! Our keeper intercepted their corner but dropped it (again) and (again) their attacker took his chance and scored. Then the whistle blew for full time. We had been beat 4-3 because of two tiny mistakes.