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Callendar 2

Hi everyone! If you have been looking at some of my older posts, you will probably notice the callendar. I really enjoyed doing that post so I am going to do it again. So heres my 2nd callendar…


Today was great. At school we got art in the morning, where we painted Aborigine designs on the boomerangs we were making. Then after playtime we got gym. Gym was really fun because we got to play a hockey match! In the afternoon we got I.C.T. In I.C.T we went on a thing called comic life. You can upload pictures and make them into a comic. You need to download it though. Click here to download it. After school I went to football training.


Today we got to go in the I.C.T suite in the morning instead of boring language! 🙂 In I.C.T I finished of my comic I was making in comic life. In the afternoon we got in the I.C.T suite again! We should of been doing french but the french teacher Mrs W was helping the other P6 with Max In The Middle (the other P6 get it this week). In the I.C.T suite I made my comic (from comic life) into a real comic. It’s really cool! Click here to view it. After school I went on my PS3, then wrote this post. Today was awesome!


Today was alright. We got in the computer suite but sadly I was in P7 for maths 🙁 . Luckily we got in the computer suite again in the afternoon 🙂 . I went on comic life again. After school wasn’t very exciting because my football training was cancelled.

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I am going to tell you what I do during my week. I will tell you a bit more every day!


Today at school we learned about a website called piclits. It is a website where you can choose a picture and then you can write a poem about it. The web address for it is www.piclits.com. When I got home I went on the computer and started writing this. At 6 o’clock I went to my football training. When I got home I watched some TV then went to bed.


Today at school I got french! I learned a lot of new french words, such as all the french numbers up to 12! After school I went on the playstation 3 until my little brother Ben woke up (he falls asleep every afternoon because he is a baby). After Ben woke up my dad took us up to the library  to get new books. I then had dinner. After my dinner I read one of my books I got from the library then started typing this.


Today at school I loved 2 o’clock to three o’clock because we spent the whole hour in the computer suite. It was so the people in my class that didn’t have a blog could get one. I helped LOADS of people with their blogs and I helped LOADS of people to make a sign thing with Image Chef. Then I went to my football training!!


ImageChef.com - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more Today I learned how to make a sheet of paper into a ‘Fortune Teller’ at school. After that I played my PS3 and read a book until 5 o’clock when I had dinner. After dinner I looked in all the shops in Carronshore for cool bands that everyone is collecting but all the shops were sold out!


Today at school we all got out to play from 2:20 to hometime (3 o’clock)! It was really fun because most of the boys in my class played football (I did as well). After school I went to the shop and bought cool bands then went out to play. At 7:30 I went to the BB’s (That stands for the Boys Brigade). At the BB’s we listened to a story from the bible (pretty boring 😐 ) but then it got better! We went into the big hall and played games. After we had finished playing games we got tuck shop (sweets)! Then I went home.


Today I went to my football match for Gairdoch in the morning. We absolutely ripped the opposition 6-2! We had a better keeper this time and that keeper didn’t drop the ball and let them score, which made a difference. After my football I went to the shop with my dad and little brother Ben. I got a sweet and a pack of the cool band things. At about 2 o’clock I went with my dad and little brother Ryan to Glasgow (the biggest city in Scotland). We went there because Ryan had a trial for Rangers Football Club (Under 9’s). We got a McDonalds for dinner and then watched the X Factor.


Today I went on my PS3 for most of the morning. After my lunch I  went out to pay with my friends Ryan and Kyle. First we went to the ‘mucky side’ (a big bit of grass in the street Ryan and Kyle live in) and played football. Then we went into Ryan’s house and played the PS3. I then went back home for my dinner. After dinner I went for Ryan and Kyle again. We went to the mucky side again to play football but Kyle went home so me and Ryan  went for our othetr friend Cameron. Kyle came back out though so Kyle went into Cameron’s house. I went into Ryan’s house (with Ryan, of course!) and played the PS3.

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