Football 3

Hi everyone! Now as you may know I play football every Saturday. This Saturday was awesome! We normally play at Forthbank, Alloa or Stenhousemuir but this season their is a new place we get matches at called Rapnloch. That is where we played earlier today. We were playing a team called Strathendrick. It was a smaller pitch than usual so we didn’t have a lot of room to sprint up the wing or pass out wide. I scored a hat trick. The first goal came nearly at half time. I got a chance to shoot so I booted it into the bottom corner. Just after half-time we got a corner. A boy in my team calledd Daniel crossed it in and I headered it into the corner. By now Strathendrick were trying very hard to get a goal and they eventually got one. ;(  Then Strathendrick got another goal and made it 2-2. Luckily I scored a goal in the last minute, got my hat trick and made us win the game. It was a tight game but we won!

That’s all I have to say for now. Remember and comment!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hi Andrew, I Am Nine too and i play football on saturday but for a diffrent club ,maybr we could become freinds and date a playday

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