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Hiya, this is my 3 month in P7, but I still miss P6! Going up to the high school at the end of this month. I’m quite looking forward going up but its quite weird. Some people say P7 is really fast, at first I didn’t believe it but now that I’m in it It has gone really, really fast it’s like I just started a week ago! I haven’t posted on my blog for a long time but I’m at Miriam’s house (Peter’s little sister) he started talking about his blog it reminded me that I hadn’t been on it for ages. Thats all for now so…
byez x

Leaving p6/Summer holidays/Going into P7!

Schools out for Summer!

schools just finished for the Summer holidays! I can’t wait to go into P7 but I’m really going to miss P6v. P6v has been the best year in school for me because we have had loads of great opportunities, like; writing our own books, getting our blogs, getting our ePortfolios,making our own animated movies,making puppet shows, going to Calander house and loads more! I am also going to miss Mrs Vass, Mrs Vass had been one of our best teachers yet, plus she put up with us (for a whole year)!

Our teacher next year is…. Mrs Roberts. We’ve had her before in P3, well some of us did because at the end of P4 our teeachers split us up and now we have new classes, I didn’t like it at first but I like it now. When we go to P7 we will be the top of the school but when we get to high school we’ll be the youngest! It will be like primary school allover again!

Now on to the summer holidays… Most of the summer I have been going out to play with my friends, having sleepovers, going to the movies and going shopping with my friends. but in 19 days I’m going to….. Turkey! Quite alot of people this year is going to Turkey. I can’t wait until I go but before my holidays I get to go shopping and get whatever I want!

Thats all for the now so bye! xxx 🙂

The Race For Life

A couple of Sundays ago my Mum did the race for life with Anna F’s Mum Karyn. Anna and I didn’t do the race we just watched them! Plus we couldn’t be bothered. We took Pictures whenever we saw them but that made them run even faster because they didn’t want their photo taken but they actually walk it. It took them 55 mins, a teenager came first and her time was round about 15 mins.

The pepper experiment…


This week Mrs Vass told everyone to think of something that we would like to learn about and we could go to the computer suit now and again to find out stuff about it. I chose Science, I do it in my group, well it’s not really a group its like a pair, Robyn and I. We have done a simple experiment the now but we will do more next week. You can also see it on Robyn C’s blog!

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="408" height="382" allowfullscreen="true" /]

Internet safety night!

Last night we had our internet safety night, it was really fun! It started it at 6:30pm and it was at the school. First Andrew and Natasha intrduced it then Kyle W and Cameron B talked about the class blog. Then Lucy K, Eilidh D and Natasha M talked about the tools we use for our blogs. After them it was Lewis C and Jay talking about our audience, then it was Kian G, Jack D and I talked about being in the sunday post. After us Lewis C, Garry C, Mason and Charlotte M talked about our individual blogs. After that it was Andrew F, Kian G and Jack D talked about ePortfolios.

After talking about the ePortfolios, Jennifer m, Elisha D and Lucy N talked about blogging safely. After them Anna F, Robyn C and I talked about Genaral internet saftey. Then Natasha M and Andrew F  finished it off. It finished at 7:05 pm.

The Royal Wedding!

Hey, today’s the royal wedding and I’ve been up for ages! In the morning I got up and put on my clothes and got washed- ready to watch the wedding. We all watched the royal wedding  and it was really good. I really wanted to see what everyone was wearing. They were all wearing funny hats but the brides dress was lovely! Prince harry was really funny!

Ellen’s birthday party

Yesterday I went to my Dad’s friend’s Mum’s house to help them with Ellen’s party. My Dad and I set up the gazebo then we put up banners and stuff up. We couldn’t do everything because it was only the night before. We came in and got our dinner. We had a chines. After dinner we played with the karaoke for a little while then we went to bed. In the morning we got up and watched friends for quite a while because we were waiting for her uncle Garry. He finally came with all the food and laid it all down on the table, while I hid all the Easter eggs for the Easter hunt. After a few hours we made the punch for the fountain and waited for the quests coming. The first quest came and it was her cousin, Louise. After that all the quests started to come. We played some games and did races but they all ended up in a disaster! It felt like we were there for ages! At the end I just wanted to go home because I started getting bored. Finally we left but we didn’t go home we went straight to my Dad’s friends house and had a McDonald’s. After that we went home and went straight to bed.

Easter Holidays!!!

Hey, it’s coming up for the easter holidays after tomorrow and I can’t wait!

I’m going to Uist because my Granny’s got a house up there. I go there quite alot in the holidays and in the spring/summer it has really nice weather. I also have loads of relitatives there too. I’m going on Sunday, I can’t wait!!!

Comic Relief (Red Nose Day)!

Hey, it’s red nose day tomorrow!

At School we get to come in our casual clothes but it costs £1 or 50p, I’m not sure. You can also buy red noses and do races with them on, to see who can keep them on the longest. Other people go to school with their pj’s on or do “something funny for money”, like dressing up dying your hair or wear a red nose everywhere!

If you don’t know what Red Nose Day is, I will tell you; Red Nose Day is all about helping people in the UK and Africa (if not Africa, just the UK but I’m pretty sure it’s Africa too). All the money you raise goes to their charity and sent to help them. So get up and do “Something Funny For Money”!!! Bye for now 🙂

What I done this weekend!!!

On Friday my Granny picked me up right after school and took me down to Glasgow. When we got to my Granny’s house and my brothers friend Scott came over untill 9pm. Then my Dad came in just before 9 from his work. We stayed up untill about 10pm, then we went to our bed. On SaturdayI done quite alot but nowhere as much as Sunday…


On Saturday morning I got up at half past 7 and ran down the stairs to find my dog curled up on the couch (it was soooo cute) but no  one else was up soI ran up the stairs and woke everyone up in the house but I shouted so loud I think I woke up half the street! After that I went to get ready to go out shopping. We went out shopping and the first shop I went to was Ryman stationary box and I got yellow card and googly eye’s. After that I went to New Look and got two pairs of sunglasses for my holiday’s, then we went to Argos to play with the machines then went home.  When we got home I think we just stayed in the rest of the day messing about.


On Sunday morning We went to one of my Dad’s friends house to give her the invitations I have been making for her little girl Ellen’s birthday party on Easter Sunday. When we were there she asked is I wanted to help her out down at the gym doing arobic’s with another girl and I said yes. I had to do it for half an hour and I still wasn’t tired! Then I helped them do a bronie routine/told them if I understood it so they could make it eaiser for them. After that I came home and got dressed and went out shopping after going out shopping we went to monkey madness (playarea). We were there for about 10minutes until my cousin came, Rachel. We went in and about five minutes later the drop slide opened and we all went down it exept from Rachel, she didn’t want to. There was a big arguement between a little girl and another little girls Mum, I just stood there watching it! We were they’re for about a hour then we went home. I went home with my cousin Rachel to her house to play with her until my brother, my Dad and my cousin came back from the football. When they came back my Dad took my brother and I back to my Granny’s house to get ready to go home. We all packed our stuff and left to go home… It was a long day.

Callendar House

Last Friday we went to Callendar house on a school trip.  First we hung up our jacket’s, then we got split up into two groups. After we got put in our groups one group went to the laundry room with Marie and the other group went to the kitchen with Jennifer. My group went to the kitchen first with Jennifer. It was really fun because we got to make snow cheese. The first step is to wash your hand’s so we did, then we each got a different whisk to whisk the cream. My group got a whisk made out of sticks, the group beside us got a balloon whisk, the group beside them had a hand whisker and the last group got an electric whisk. When we all got our whisks we had a competition, surprisingly we won! After that we added a table spoon of sugar and mixed it in, then we grinned almond’s and sprinkled them in and mixed them in. After the almonds we added lemon juice, then these type of biscuit’s witched we had grinned and last but not least the rose water (it smelled lovely). No one’s turned out how it was suppose to turn out but luckily they had made a back up one witch was perfect but I never liked it. Fact- Now a day’s we would only pay a couple of ponds for it but back in Victorian times, only rich people would get it. After the snow cheese we went to the laundry room with Marie. In the laundry room we learned how to wash clothes in Victorian times. Fact- In Victorian times they never had washing machine’s, they had to wash by hand on a wash board or in this bucket with a plunger in it. To dry the clothes the maid or whoever done the washing had to hang them up anywhere but for maid’s they had to ask permission to hang it up in the loft! We also learned about Victorian iron’s and Victorian fashion. Fact- Victorian people have two iron’s, one for cotton and silk and the other one for curtain’s. We learned what rich people wore and what poor people wore/ what woman wear and men wore. We also acted some things to, I never acted anything out but one of my friends did, Jennifer and she did the best faint ever!!! After that it was time to go 🙁 So we hoped on the bus and left… 

What I Done Today!!!

Today I woke up at about 9.45 and baked a cake, out of the cake mix we made a chocolate cake (obviously), 3 cup cakes and three big muffins. Half way through baking it we noticed we didn’t have the right icing, so my Granny and I went to Asda to get it when we got back we cut the cake in half and put icing in the  middle and on top, we also put some icing on the cupcakes and some on the muffins to.
Here is a picture of it; 


After we baked the cake we then went to the cinema in Clydebank. We went with the little girl who came to “the show’s” with us. We went to see the new movie called Rango it was quite funny but hard to follow. We were sitting right up the back and we had a perfect view but unfortunately half way through it a little boy was sick as he walked along the back and it smelled terrible!

What Mr Men or Little Mrs describes you???

Leave a comment and tell me what mr men or little miss describes you?

is it;

Mr. Bump,

Mr. Scary,

Mr. Tickle,

Mr. Nosey,

Mr. Small,

Mr. Lazy,

Mr. Rude,

Mr. bounce,

Mr. Nervous,

Mr. Quite,

Mr. Noisy,

Mr. Happy,

Mr. Messy,

Mr. Strong,

Mr. Grumpy,

Mr. Stubbornor,

Mr. Scatterbrain,

Little Miss Magic,

Little Miss Giggles,

Little Miss Clumsy,

Little Miss Calamity,

Little Miss Helpful,

Little Miss

 Little Miss Naughty,

Little Miss chatter box

Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Daredevil


Have you ever heard these songs?


Price tag-Jessie J

We r who we r- Ke$ha

Comment and tell me!!!

Helping the P1’s with gym!!!

Today the teacher said Anna, Robyn, Me and some other people could help the P1’s with gym! I can’t wait because all the P1’s are soooo cute. I’ll tell you a bit more about it when it happens (tomorrow)!!! bye. 🙂

The Show’s

Today my Dad, my brother, my cousin, a little girl called ellen and I went to “the shows” in Glasgow. It was really fun. First we went on the dodgems, then we went on this thing where you sit on it a it goes round and round and round. That was really scary because the thing you hold on to was far to big and it felt like I as falling everytime it went round! After that we on twister. I went on with Ellen and Calum (my brother) went on with Cameron (my cousin). It kept getting faster and I was gettng squished by Ellen! 🙁 After twister Calum and Cameron went in the haunted house, then when they came out Cameron said he had to hold Calum’s hand!!! Then we went on the waltsers, they were so fast my hand lost it’s grip and it swung wright back and whacked Cameron’s nose! We came out feeling really dizzy. The last ride we went on was the dodgems again and they were awesome! When we left the fair/show we went to mcdonald’s then played this game called the great escape (someone stands in the corner and counts to 30 in 10’sthen they half to catch us before we get to the corner).

What I done The Six days I was off…

Well we were off for six days 2 weeks ago and this is what I done;


On Wednesday I just hung about in my house all day until my dad came to get my brother and I, to take us down to Glasgow.


On Thursday my Dad, my brother and I went to the time capsule to go swimming. It was so much fun!!! After that we all came home and my brother got ready for the football (Rangers and sporting lisbion). When he left my Dad and I baked a coconut cream pie. After we baked that I watched a DVD. Then my brother came back and we had kids shampagne then we went to our bed.


On Friday morning we all got up got washed and headed to the cinema and saw knomeo and juilet. The funny  AWESOME thing was we were the only people there (because the school’s there wasn’t off) !!! When we came out the cinema we had to go and pick one of my Dad’s friend’s little girl up from school. Then we had to drop her off at her Mum’s work and at the same time pick her Mum up from her work because we were going to stay at her Mum’s house (the little girl’s Mum’s Mum house, if that makes any sence) her Mum’s house is huge and when we’re taking their dog out for a walk we just half to take it round the garden because it’s so big! Plus the dog is so wee! For dinner we had steak but I only had 1 peace because it was so chewy! Then we dressed upin some outfits, then we played dominos and I won £8. After that we went to bed.


On Saturday we came home from her Mum’s house and planned a surprise party for my Granny, Grandad and Teah (my dog). Later on that night we went over to my Dads friend house and stayed there until 11 o’clock. When we came home we watched T.V for a little while then went to bed.


On Sunday we went to look at some cars but I was to fancenated in this sugar pourer. After that we went to the cinema to see tangeld, it was so funny because in the middle ofit this little boy did the loudest sneeze in the world! When we came out the cinema we went to asda to see the hair dye but my Dad decided to spray my hair green! So I sprayed his hair red in the shop, then we started running about the shop it was so funny!


On Monday I came back home. I had a sore head before I left and had one the rest of the day and it turned into a migrain. I felt really lite headed and I couldn’t walk plus I felt sick then I was. after I was sick I felt better so I had a bath to freshen up  at 10 o’clock at night. but now I keep getting sore heads 🙁 

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!!

On My Way To Glasgow!!

On my way to Glasgow two weeks ago, we left at 9.30pm. Well my Dad came through at 9.00pm but while I was getting ready my brother and my Dad took my dog for a walk to the park. When they were there my dog done the toilet but when my Dad picked it up it started moving! He opened the bag and there was a frog!!! It was a huge green, slimy one. I never knew untill they came home and told me to look in the bag but I never wanted to because I thought it was a spider or something (I hate spiders, even ask Anna) but then my Dad put it on my brothers head then I knew it wasn’t a spider. when I saw it I screamed beause he threw it at me (don’t worry Anna I caught it)!  When I realised it was a frog my Dad told us to go and put it back towhere he got it. So I ran along to the park with my brother and put it back. When I got back we all got in the car and headed off. On the way there we saw another frog jumping across the road. Luckily we missed by going the other way, after the frog we saw a fox in a feild! At that time we were only five minutes away from the house.  

Royal Wedding!!!

You know the royal wedding coming up in April, well my Auntie is having a party and all the woman has to dress up in there wedding dresses and all the girls dress up in flower girl dresses! It’s going to be so much fun, plus me, my cousin, my Dad’s friend and her little girl had a practice makeover last weekend it was so much fun. I was doing make-up and my Dad’s friend was doing hair at the we looked amazing!!!

My Most Prize Possession!!!

My most prize possession is my dog teah on the left on the picture. I alway’s play with her at the park and take her out for walks. She is a collie cross Lab and her birthday is on the 10th or 8th of June, I’m not to sure.

Anyway this picture was taken in Air and the other dog is Suzie. Teah was on holiday when we took this picture and she had a great time!

my fox roxi

Hey, this is my pet fox roxi. I  got her off of bunnyherolabs. If you click on more you can feed it and play with it, she’s really cute isn’t she!!! I choose a fox because it was the cutest there.


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