Hey everyone I know I havn’t been on my blog for like ages but it’s because i’ve been really busy. I went to the cinama with ma besto chloe and we saw some people from our class. We all saw Paranorman. It was really funny. soz gtg byeee

Th Park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iona also did a post on this check this out. We wrote this post together. On Friday we (Me, Chloe, Iona and Faiza) went to Burnside park.When we  were there we played with Vania, melissa and Owen B. After a while Vania had to go home so we played football, all the girls against Owen B. It ended up 1-1. Like 45 mins later Ross, Ellie, Hannah, Aimee, Adamw and some folk from next doors class came. Then  we span Owen B and Ross in the bowl thing and Owen B had to go home because he felt sick. Then after a while Jake and Owen L came. We spun Owen L and Ross in the bowl. When they came out they walked as if they were teenagers that had got drunk in the park.LOL 🙂 🙂  🙂 🙂 🙂 Later on we went to Gairdoch Park and it was boring so we went home.


Hey everyone on Saturday it was my wee cousin Deans party. Everyone came over to mines and we had a BBQ!!! Before we ate me and all my couzes, including my wee couzes Faizan and Dean had a water fight. It was like everyone was against me because no one squirted anyone but me. 🙁   I got really annoyed so I got a big bucket of water and tipped it on people. 🙂 IT WAS FUNNY UNTIL THEY DID THE SAME THING TO ME!!!!  After the water fight we all dried off and eat. The food was soooooo goooooooood!!!My dad cooked the food. I had a BBQ on Sunday  as well. I’ll tell you a wee bit about what I did on the Friday before the party………Iona came over and we had a water fight with my bro and his friends. GOT TO GO BYEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey everyone, yesterday I went to the outlet in Livingston and it was rubbish!!!There was another shopping centre beside it so we went there at like four and there was like primark and new look there so we were going crazy in there to be continued ………………

Outside School Achievements!!

Hey everyone in  TKD I am a black tags and in October I am going for my black belt so that is a great achievementfor me. My big bro took his grading on Saturday so we will find out if he is going to be a black tags today. byee

Inside Schoool Achievement!

In Art Club we are making a canvas for four seasons. Mrs W. is our art teacher and she is gr8 at art. We made leaves and I like my green one the best. Here is a pic of the canvas, can u spot the four seasons????

My Picture!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone, a few days ago I drew a picture of a person aand my two friends Chloe and Iona think it looks like Cloe out of bratz. Here is a picture of my drawing…………… Do you like it????????????????


Hey everyone it was mothers day on Sunday. What did u get your mum? I got my mum… a peach and white treasure Paris necklace (she screamed when she got it), a candle a tea mat (because my dad gets her a lot of mugs), a card an I made her breakfast. Find out what I did after in my next post byeee


Buttercup by sarniebill1
Attribution License

This Big… by lucyellen06
Attribution-NoDerivs License

Hey everyone, these rabbits are sooo cute arn’t they??????????????

Happy birthday Iona!

Hey it’s my friend Iona’s birthday today!!! I have just been to her house to give her her prez. We played football with the monster high dolls and cut the cake. It was a crunchier cake!!! Happy birthday Iona And happy byIrthday abbie !! Byeee

2012 LEAP YEAR!!

Hey everyone, a leap year comes every 4 years and it is 2012 so it comes this year. Don’t waste this day because this day won’t come in another 4 yrs. If your birthday is on the 29th of Febuary you will have to have your birthday on the 1st of March or the 28th of Febuary. bye have to go make the most of today. 🙂 🙂 🙂

The zoo!!!!!

Hey hey everyone, me and my best friends Chloe and Iona went to the Zoo last Sunday. It was amazingly fun!!!! My wee sis took one of her friends called Rachel and my bro took rio AND my mum took rio’s mum Nicola. Now I will tell u wat we did….. First if all everyone was coming to my house and Iona came first then rio and Nicola came, then chloe came and then Angela and Rachel came last. It was time to get into the car but I forgot me and my sis were watching something on our tv’s in our car so the car was a big big mess!!! After a long journey we were finally at the zoo. Unfortunately when we stepped out of the car it stinked!!! We all held our noses walking up to the desk were we got our tickets from. Thre was a few steps to climb. The first animal we saw was a Seal or something like that and we saw two of them. I will continue this post soon got to go bye

Wat I got For My B-day!!!!

I will write wat I got soon To Be Continued……..


Hey It was my birthday on the 14th of February and it was my sisters birthday on the 13thof February. We are going to the zoo on Sunday and I am taking Iona and Chloe and Faiza is taking Rachel. On my birthday my bro had to go to the docs in Glasgow then after that my auntie (the mother of Faizan my wee couz) phoned my mum and said “do you and the kids want to go out for lunch?” Then my mum said “Ok where.” my auntie said “How about Brewers Fayre,”  then my mum said “Ok wat time,” and my auntie said in aboot an hour. My sis kept on sayin “can we go to toys r us,” so my mum said “ok then to pass the time.”After we went to toys r us we went to Brewers Fayre and then two of my aunties came and then they gave me and my sister birthday prezes. Me, my bro, my sis and my couz all went into the soft play area to look after but then my wee couz went out to see his mum again so we all played tig. We had our dinner there and had desert!! I had my fave desert ice cream!!!!After a very long day I went to bed…..and slept…say hello faizan…. oh and I almost forgot…     AND……. byeeeeeeee

Max In The Middle!!!!

Hey everyone so so so so sorry I have not been writing in a while it’s just because I have been really busy. In school we have been doing Max in the middle and it is sooo fun. This is what we are calling the days this week and this is why we call them that…………

Meeting Monday= we were meeting George and Carron

Tasty Tuesday= we made food and then eat it

Workout Wednesday= we did lots and lots of exercises

Thinking or teamwork Thursday= Putting all our routines together

Finale Friday= It’s our show in front of our buddies and parents

On Monday it was George who mostly talked so we got to know each other and on Tuesday we made salmon boats, biscuits with cheese on them and fruit tumble crumble. I liked the fruit tumble crumble the best. Today (Wednesday) we did lots of exercises and routines today. Tomorrow we have to put together the show with all the things we have learned. Well thats all I have got to say so byeeeeeee

Monster High Dolls!!

Hey everyone,  so sorry I have not been writing in a while but on Monday I think you will find out what monster high dolls I got. Most people in my class no witch one I have got because I bought it in to school today. Well all I’ve got to say is well keep reading my blog to find out who I got 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Shopping In The Thissle!

Hey hey, I went shopping with my mums friend Nicola. It was very, very fun. The first shop we went in was WH Smith to get mine and my sisters moshi membership.Then we went to Debenums, there was lots and lots of make up there so we put some on. After we went upstairs to see if there was anything there but it was all baby toys so then we went to Boots. We were looking for Dolly perfumes but they never had any so we went up the stairs and again there was all baby stuff 🙁 !!!! But suddenly we saw somthing we were wanting for Christmas but we never got because there was like none left, we got….MONSTER HIGH DOLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!We were soo happy 😀 I got well I will tell you in the next post and my sister got oh I will tell you that in the next post as well. By the way they are sooooo pretty. I might get pics of them. After that we payed for them and had Mcdonalds for lunch. We went to Nicola’s house after and she made us the BEST HOT CHOCOLATE EVER!!!!!!!!!! It had whip cream and marshmallows on it. Mmmmm it’s making me want more by talking about it. Then I watched Meet The Robinsons and went home. We had a great day remember to check out my next post to see who I got. BYE

Poem Comp Semi Finale/Finale!!!!

Hey everyone it was the poem comp semi finale today. Shall I tell you who was in the semi finale from my class? Right there was my friend Chloe, Olivia, Vania and Louise. They all said there poems great. Chloe’s poem was My Bonnie Bell, Olivia’s poem was Halloween, Vania’s poem was a red red rose and Louise’s poem was Farewell to the Islands. Only Vania got through to the finals. We are going against Carron school. I am certain e are going to win this year because we never won last year 🙁 But the people last year were good as well even though they never won. Bye

My Poem

Hey everyone guess what I got into the semi semi final for my poem.Do you want to hear my poem?Well Here it goes…….

Bonnie Wee Thing

By Robert burns

Bonnie wee thing, cannie wee thing,

lovely wee thing, wert thou mine,

I would wear thee in my bosom,

Lest my jewel I should tine.

Wishfully I look and languish,

In that bonnie face of thine,

And my heart it stounds wi’ anguish,

Lest ma wee thing be na mine

Wit, and Grace, and love, and beauty,

In a constellation shine,

To adore thee is my duty,

Godess o’ this soul o’ mine

Did you like it?

What is your favourite animal?????

Hey everyone what is your favourite animal???? Mines is hmmm it’s quite hard because I like a lot of animals but I’ve go to say rabbits ae adorable and so are a lot of other animals! I also like pandas, lions, tigers, poler bears, horses, dogs, cats, cheetahs and lots lots more!!!!!!! So the main thing I wrote this post about was what is your favourite animal???? Byeee P.S sorry about the last post it never worked but I might get some help from Mrs V.

Me interviewing My grandad. (It’s actualy me and Iona in school playing it out.)

My Cousin Came Over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone now I’ll tell you what we did when my cousin came over. He came over after playing a match so he was a wee bit tired. I can’t remember what we played but all I remember is that we played till about 3ish then he had to go. 🙁 But he didn’t want to go so then he got to stay over so then we made a video and my brother was the boss, (he was an actor and the boss.) Sadly I got fired so I played Temple Run on my Ipod while they were making the rest of the video. 🙁 When they finished the video we had dinner but I can’r remember what we had but I do know that it was lovely. After dinner my cousin and my brother played the X-box then they came down saying “do you want to watch X-men?”

me, mum and Faiza (my sister) all sad “YES,” so then we watched it. After the movie we went to bed. When we woke up we went down, watched TV then had breakfast. I can’t remember what we did after that so bye 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Short post

Hey everyone this is going to be a short post because I’m jut telling yog that I wrote the last post(Iona’s house) on my ipod

Iona’s house!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone I went over to Iona’s house last Friday. Iona’s mum came to pick Iona me and faiza up from school. She took us to the shop because my mum was there.After like five minutes we went home and then my mum had to phone Iona’s mum to see if it was alright if me and faiza could came over. Iona’s mum said that it was al right for me and faiza to come over. When we got there we played with all five of Iona’s monster hub dolls. I have got to say Iona’s monster high dolls ae really pretty.I will tell you what dolls be has…she has clawdeena wolf cleo de nile lagoona draculaura and frankie. I was cleo and lagoona, faiza was frankie and clawdeena and Iona was draculaura. That’s it for now bye. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

My Cousin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone my cousin came over yesterday for a sleepover!I’ll tell you about it soon.Bye


Hey guys I have got Taekwondo today at 7:30 till 9:00!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I did Today!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone just to tell you my mum got a new phone cover and it’s got diamonds on it. It is really, really pretty. You wanna no what I did today?OK I got up then got dressed for school, brushed my hair, brushed my teeth, had my breakfast then walked up to school with my two friends. When we got into school we did the registerand I was a packed lunch. Then Mrs V. told us some of the things that the Victorianchildren did at school and we had to do them. We did the fire drill. I know that this is nothing to do with what I am talking about but tomorrow I am going on a school trip. We are going to the Tam O Shanter in Bo’ness. Anyway we had Mrs B. for the afternoon so she took us to assembly oh I forgot to tell you it started snowing a wee bit but it was a FAIL because there was puddles all over the place.In assembly we had to be in our Victorian outfits and we marched to the hall and back. That was what I did in school but wait till you hear this……..When we were walking home it started snowing and raining and hailstoning and sleeting!!!!!!! A four in one combo!!!!!!!!!!!! I got soaking wet so I had to take a nice, hot bath.That was about all I did so Bye 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

My Wii

Hey see how I’ve got a wii I will tell you all the games I have got because I am bored,

Mario Sports Mix

Wii Party

Just Dance3

U draw studio
U draw Princess
World Of Zoo
Wii Fit

Ice Age3 Tangled
Sponge bob truth or Square
Sims Creator

Shrek Forever After
My Word Coach
My Sims
New Super Mario Bros Wii
Mario Cart Wii
Just Dance2
Littlest Pet Shop
Epic Mickey
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Cooking Mama2
Babysitting Mama
Cocoto Festival
Think Fast
Big Brain Academy
Barbie and the three musketeers
Baby and Me
Bratz Girlz Really Rock

And thats all I’ve got Byeee


Hiya my wee sister is going swimming with her friend today.They are going to the Marner well I think thats  how to spell it, anyway I think they are going to the Marner Center. She has just left. All I can hear is my brother talking to people on his Xbox!!!!! It is soooo annoying AHHHH! I say to him “can you please keep the noise down.” But he is too busy talking and laughing to even hear me!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though when my dolls house is dirty I still played with it oh shall I tell you what happened, I will tell you the short story. OK some of my relatives came over to my house and there was two little girls one was about 5 and one was about 3.There mum told me to take them up the stairs to play so I did. Then after a while it was dinner so we went down. After dinner they didn’t want to go back up because they saw my dolls house!!!! They started playing with it and then my mum asked them if they wanted a biscuit so they took one and  started playing with my dolls house while eating the biscuit. There was crumbs and chocolate all over my dolls house!!!!!!! At about 9ish I went to bed because it was a school night. They broke the arms off of the dad and the broke one of the arms of of the baby. It was so sad 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 But I have cleaned my dolls house up now 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thats it for now byeee

The Victorians

Hi our topic this term is about the Victorians!!!!It is really fun and interesting. This week we are getting treated like Victorian children at school. Yesterday when I first got in I was really really scared but now it isn’t so scary. We had to dress up as Victorians today, girls wore long, white dresses and boys wore checked shirts with a waistcoat. We went to music in our outfits as well so we got treated as Victorians there as well. We weren’t aloud to smile or laugh and we had to march into the room. It was very very fun!!! 😀 That’s all I can think of saying so bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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