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Going out and about with Pokémon Go

PokemonGoPokémon Go is an app on mobile devices which encourages users to go out and about to gain points by finding and “capturing” virtual characters.

While it can be a great way to encourage outdoor activity while incorporating the use of a mobile device, parents/carers and others may be wondering what it’s all about, especially when some headline stories can accentuate when something goes wrong.

So the UK Safer Internet Centre has put together a helpful summary of what Pokémon Go is all about, how it is played, as well as helpful advice for users, parents/carers of children or young people, and others about how to have fun while being mindful of sensible advice for keeping safe.


Tip Sheets from NetSmartz Workshop on Internet Safety

NetsmartztipsheetsTip Sheets from Netsmartz – so if you are looking for tips for dealing with online bullying, wondering about online security, needing guidance about staying safer while online gaming or needing some help in starting conversations about your children using social media and their mobile phone, then these tip sheets from NetSmartz Workshop are one good way to  read about what you can do – they can be read online, printed out or shared with others. Click below for the Tip Sheets from NetSmartz Workshop: