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Protecting Children’s Privacy – A Guide for Parents, Carers and Educators

ComparitechprivacyProtecting Children’s Privacy – A Guide for Parents, Carers and Educators – a post by Paul Bischoff on the Comparitech site which sets out the concerns expressed by many parents and carers about the safety of their children online, and provides guidance, tips and advice about what parents can carers can do, including the nature of conversations with their children and practical steps which children and their parents and carers can take to adjust privacy settings in commonly used social media tools such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. It also describes the steps to take on settings in mobile devices, as well as Internet browsers, and more, all designed to help children and their parents and carers be more in control of the information they share.

Digital Parenting Magazine

Digital_parenting_magazine4Digital Parenting – a magazine full of advice for parents/carers about mobile devices and the Internet and how to be better informed about keeping their children safe. Multiple copies of these magazine can be downloaded by schools for free, so every parent/carer can be given their own copy.

Past issues of the magazine can also be viewed online – these magazines are designed to help parents/carers keep their children safer using mobile technologies and online, and provide a great deal of information for parents/carers about a host of topics related to mobile phones and the Internet and their use by children and young people.​

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