Pupil Lockdown Fitness Stories – Hollie (S4)

During the coronavirus lockdown I feel it Is important to keep fit and keep up with exercise, I do this by going on runs, walks and doing workouts daily. I have taken part in Chloe Ting’s 2 week shred and her 2 week ab program since the start of lockdown every day. I also go on walks every second day with my mum and brother. We try to go out early in the morning and start the day off correctly. Every other day I go for runs. And at the start of lockdown I was nominated for the run 5, donate 5, nominate 5, to help raise Money for the NHS I timed myself and decided I wanted to see how much faster I would be able to do it by the end of lockdown. These are the ways I have tried to stay fit and healthy throughout lockdown and hopefully I will continue to do so for the remainder

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