Pupil Lockdown Fitness Stories – Jaime (S6)

To keep myself active during lockdown I  have been walking my dog daily. Our favourite place to go is down at Kinneil Woods where he likes to explore amongst the trees and bark at the swans! This has ensured I’ve stuck to a routine of sorts as I have been getting up at the same time each morning. Alongside this I have been participating in group workouts through zoom led by one of my friends. Before Easter I found in particular the workouts created by the Pe department staff particularly worthwhile and enjoyable. I also stepped entirely out of my comfort zone to complete the 5K run challenge. This was a huge achievement for me as running has never been something that appealed to me. I have found it beneficial to use this time to challenge myself and try new things I normally would have avoided. Out with sport I have been learning Spanish on duolingo and advancing my baking skills. All of this has not only maintained my physical health but has helped keep my mental health good which is just as important during these unpredictable and scary times.

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