Moving Learning Forward

These are difficult times for everybody and whilst the most enjoyable part of PE is definitely the practical we have been so proud of how our pupils have adapted to working online.  The work we are seeing through Teams is a credit to all pupils.

As of week commencing Monday 4th May all work being assigned will have audio descriptions throughout so our pupils will be getting more than just a powerpoint.  However, we are aware nothing beats being able to ask your teacher for help if you are a little bit confused.  We are also offering mini lessons on Microsoft Teams to all pupils who would like it.  All you need to do is get in touch with your teacher via email and ask to set up a time in groups of 3 or more.

We will also be investigating ways for pupils to send in practical performance videos on certain skills and techniques and we will be offering feedback and advice for those who would like it.

Lastly, we are really keen to hear how all of you are getting on especially if you are doing something exciting.  We have been contacted by pupils who are raising money for the NHS and we would like to use this PE blog to tell their stories.  Please get in touch with your teacher.  The more who do this the better as it is good to keep in touch.

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