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My Holiday plan!

Hiya world! In the summer holidays I’m going on holiday to Alton Towers and Blackpool. We’re going to Alton Towers for three days and blackpool for one day. I’m going with my mum, dad, Lucas my (little brother),my auntie Sharron and my cousin Becky. We’re going on the 25th of July.We will leave the house at about 8:00am then pick my auntie and Becky up then make our way to Alton Towers. At about 12:00pm we would stop at a shop and get something for our lunch then head off. We would arrive at Alton Towers round about 2:00pm then get all our bags and go in to the hotel. Once we go in we will get the key for the room then go and find it. When we arrive at our room we will put all our bags in then put our swim suits on and go down to the pool. I’ve been to the pool before it is outstanding, it has got a gigantic climbing area then when you get to the top the is a massive bucket. When it is full a bell will ring and everyone would gather round then the bucket would tip upside down and soak everyone! The next day we would go to the theme park where all the roller coasters are and try and go on some then round about lunch time we would sit in the cafe and have something to eat then head back on the rides.The next we would do the same as we did the day before. But on the last day we would leave the hotel to go to Blackpool! 🙂

When we arrive at Blackpool it would be about 5:00pm so we would put all our bags in the hotel and go out for dinner! Once we had our dinner we would go back to our room, put our pajamas on and go to sleep! The next day we would go to the Pleasure beach and enjoy our selves. Then at about 6:00pm we would go back and have our dinner the go back to the room put our pajamas on and have a good night sleep for the long journey home! The next day we would pack all our bags and head home 🙁

That is my plan what I think is going to happen on my holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ PLZ PLZ LEAVE COMMENTS 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Caitlin Slept Over!

Hiya world! Last night (25/6/11 ) my friend Caitlin slept over. She came along to my house about 3:30pm to see if I was aloud out. I was so we went out to play just as  I went out she told me that she was going to her big cousins birthday party and she wouldn’t be back till 10:oopm. The only way she could sleep over is, when her dad was dropping of her papa at 9:00pm  her dad could also drop her of at my house. So that’s what we done! At about 5:00pm Caitlin had to go in for her dinner and so did I. After I had my dinner I met up with Lucy K, and we both went to Burnside. When we were there we went on everything! At about 8:30pm we left to go home. When we arrived at my street Lucy K went in then by that time it  was 9:10pm so when I walked past Caitlin’s house she got dropped of by her dad! She  had her own key so she went in got her bag and we walked along to my house. As we went in we ran upstairs and got changed into our pajamas, then ran back along to Caitlin’s house to get her I pod touch! When we got back to my house she put her I pod up in my room then we sat down stairs and watched TV and had a packet of crisps. Once the program had finished we went up stair and listened to her I pod, but we had to keep ear phones in because My little brother ( Lucas was in his bed ) . We listened to really good songs until 11:00pm then lay down and talked until 12:00pm then went to sleep. The next again day we woke up about 10:00am . We went down stairs and had our breakfast ( we has a roll on sausage. At about 11:00am we got ready then  we had to go to Asda. But we dropped of Caitlin at her gran’s then me, my mum and my little brother lucas. We were in for about a hour then we went home. As we went in I took my mum’s mobile and phoned Caitlin to see if she was aloud out. Shhe was so we met up then went to Burnside!

The Pepper Reaction!

This week Mrs Vass told too think of something that we would like to learn about and I picked science, I do it in my group. Well it's only Alyson and I. 

  This is our first experiment!

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="408" height="382" allowfullscreen="true" /]

Language Homework

1)Carefully and slowly, I walked across the thin metal pole on my trip! I walked across the thin metal pole on my trip carefully and slowly!

2)In front on the cinema’s, I patiently waited for my mum to pick me and my friends up.I patiently waited for my mum to pick me and my friends up  in front of the cinema

3) Before sunrise I got my telescope out and looked at the extraordinary view! I got my telescope out and looked at the extraodinary view before sunrise!

I Cant I get a……..

Once upon a time there was a little princess called Ella she was 10 years old. She gets everything she wants. Lots of her friends chalange her to see what one of thier dogs can do the best trick! But theres one problem, Ella doesn’t have a dog!She has been wanting one since she was 6, but her father and mother (the king and queen ) wouldn’t let her have one, because he cant find anyone to look after it because. He doesn’t trust Ella at all because she wouldn’t bath it she wouldn’t clean up after at and lots more things she wouldn’t do! Ella Stormed Through to her mum and dads room and shouted ” I want a dog!” Her mother and father looked at each other

” NOOOO ” screeched her her mother

” Why not?” moaned EllA

” Because you wouldn’t look after it, go outside t play!”said her father

“Ok ” grinned Ella.

She went ouside as her father told her and sat by the pond. There were lily pads in the pond Ella loved them! She stood up and leaned over to try and get one she wibbled and wobbled and eventually fell in.She screamed her mother and father ran outside and helped her out, she was absaloutly soaking! She gazed around her and something cought the edge of her eye it was a …………………… Little brown Pug! She ran over to and said

” Can I keep it pleeeeaaaaaaaaassssseee ?”

“We got it for you said her mother and father”

“We knew how much you wanted one” said her mother                                                                                                                                                            ”  I decided to give you a chance” said her father                                                                                                                                                                        ” I’ll call it Bella” Said Ella. They all cuddled in and they lived happily ever after!



Today I went swimming, at the Marna Centre. It was only me and my cousin Becky who was actually going into swim, but Lucas ( my little brother) was in the play area while my mum and auntie Sharron was spectating. First we got changed and then put all our clothes in a locker.But we couldn’t get it locked so we had to ask a man to lock it for us, so he did. There was this key attached onto a rubber bracelet thing you had to weir. Becky tried to get it on but she couldn’t so I tried but either could I, I just held it until we had a quick shower then I asked one of the lifeguards to put it on Becky but he said ” I’ll just put it in the first aid kit, then when you are coming out just ask me.!” So he put it in. When we first went into the pool the wave machine was on 🙂 . We swam rite over to the corner where the waves are really good, but when we swam over the waves went off 🙁 .But it didn’t matter because they came on more. We looked for a float but they were all taken so we went on the frog slide, I went down first but there was a man at the bottom so I waited until he swan away. He only swam forward a little bit, the que was getting bigger so I just went and I accidentally splashed the man Becky followed behind. We swam over to the shallow part for a float, luckily there was one lying at the side so Becky snatched it and sat on it. I pushed her down a little bit until it got a bit deeper then I tipped her upside down. Now it was my shot, I knew she would tip me up side down, so I sat on the float crossed my legs held on tight and before you know it I was under the water. We had shots each on the floats until it was time for the wave machine to come on. We done that for about 15 minutes then they came on. I lost my goggles under the water and Becky got the for me.When the wave machine went off we went out got our key locker and got a shower, got changed and went up to the cafe and got something to eat and drink then headed to Morrisons. I wanted my mum to get some fruit so my dad could make me a smoothie. I got melon, pineapple and a coconut then got the rest of our shopping and headed home. Cant wait until I get that smoothie yum yum yum.


My Autobiography

my autobiography xx_011

Training session

On Saturday I went to Grangemouth complex centre. It was for Taekwondo, Mater S ( The master of  Taekwondo) took the training session. t started at one o’clock to four o’clock, so it was a three hour training session. In the morning my mum told me that my dad had took the car to his work so I didn’t know how I could get there.Luckily my mum phoned my friend Jordyns mum ( Shona )to ask her if she could take me  and she said ” yes that would be fine !”  So we had nothing to worry about now!

At quarter to one Shona came and picked me up, and of we drived. When we arrived there the car park was really busy. We had to go into one of the big halls, there was about eighty people there. But there was only our club ( Central) and one other club called Cumbre.  Most of the people were from our club Central!

First we started to do our warm ups, but Master B told us them, not Master S. Once we done the warm ups we got lined up then everyone had to sit down. Master S introduced him self to the people who have never met him before. Then we moved on to basics for e.g. long stance low block and short stance inward block and all those sort of things. Then it was Kicks for e.g. side kick front kick axe kick just basic kicks really. Next it was paterons, we only done pateron 1-6 then the coloured belts had to go home and the black belts had to stay.

When the coloured belts left we moved on to more senior blocks and more senior kicks. Master S walked up and down the line looking at everyone’s kicks. Next we moved on to patteron 7-korio then the red belts went to the  other side of the hall with a senior black belt and went through the patterons what they know. While Master S and the black belts done the black belt patterons. The younger black  belts went to the side with Charles and done the patterons what we should know. Master S and the older ones done more advanced paterons. Then the clock truck at four o’clock and everyone went home. By the time I went home I was really tiered!

The Stables ( Resturant )

Getting ready

It was my mum and dads anniversary on Friday. We wanted to go out for our dinner on Saturday but I was staying at Lucy N’s house. So we decided to go out for our dinner on Sunday ( today ). I came back from Lucy N’s house at about four o’clock then I changed my clothes then we headed to the stables.


When we arrived at the stables it was really nice outside. There was 2 summer benches outside, obviously they were for the summer because it was raining when we arrived. When we walked in it was really nice, the lady showed us to our table. There was a bar down stairs along with tables and chairs, but people with children weren’t aloud to sit down there. To get to the other tables where we were sitting you had to go up three or four steps then you were at the other tables and chairs.

The Orders


Me= blackcurrant and soda water (small)
Lucas (my brother)=blackcurrant and soda water (small)
Mum=lime and soda water


Me=chicken with New York  peppercorn sauce with chips and peas
Lucas (my brother)=cheeseburger with chips
Mum=scampi with salad and chips
Dad= Steak pie with chips and peas


Me= diam crunch pie
Lucas (my brother)= chocolate ice-cream with strawberry sauce
Mum= banoffee pie
dad= nothing

!!!Then we went home!!!

I would definitely recommend there to you. Plz leave comments

A Curlew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG, you won’t believe what happened to me and Lucy N.Me and Lucy N met up at Gairdoch Park. We were walking past the pond when all of a sudden………….. We saw a Curlew.At first I thought it was a swan but when we tried to get closer to it,it just flew away. Lucy N was trying to take photos with her phone but she didn’t manage! For yous who don’t know what a Curlew is I’ll explain what the one what we saw looked like. It and a grey, black and white bhad long brown legs, also a long brown,massive beek, with big wings body.

Here is photo of a curlew but not the one we saw !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It started off at one pond and kept flying backwards and forwards to each pond until eventually it flew away over all the houses!!!

fact: Whenever you go near a Curlew it always flies away from you !!!

Please leave comments !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Callendar House

Getting sorted

In the morning we all got put into groups. There was the Red group,green group and black group (I was in the red group). The leader of the my group was Mrs W, the leader of the green group was Mrs A and the leader of the black group was Mrs V. Once we got told what groups we were in we had to pair up with someone in our group so obviously I picked Lucy N because she is my best friend. When we were all in groups we lined up at the door then left to get in the bus.

Calendar house

When we arrived there I think everyone was excited, but especially me because I have never been before. When we got out the bus there was two ladies dressed up as Victorians. They introduced them self to us, one of them was called Jennifer and the other was called Marie. Marie said ” first we are going to hang our coats and bags up, then some of yous are going to come with me to the laundry room then the rest of yous are going to the kitchen with Jennifer.” So all the black group and some of the green group and Mrs V went with Jennifer to the kitchen. Then the red group and some of the green and Mrs W and Mrs A went with Marie to the laundry room.

Laundry Room

When we arrived  at the laundry room there was two tables with seven chairs round it, and there was two seats at the back for the teachers.So we all sat on a chair. In my group was me, Lucy N, Ryan L, Sean M, Brooke A, Eilidh D and Andrew F. Then Lucy K, Molly H, Garry C, Kyle W, Jade S Cameron B And Elisha D. First we got to do some Laundry in Victorian style. There was two things to use objects we got to use, the first one was a metal bin with water in it also a piece of clothing and a plunger thing. You had to take hold of the plunger then just use it like your plunging a toilet. The second object was a basin with a board  in it.  You had to scrape the clothing up and down the board. Then we got showed the Victorian iron. All of them was made out of metal. Then I had to act like a rich person. Marie was my maid and she pretended that she put a corset on me along with a massive skirt then pretended she took me out a walk then I had to pretend to faint. But it was nothing unusual  because ladies always used to faint because the corset was to tite. Then she gave out Victorian clothing. We had to guess what material it was.Then we swapped with the people in the kitchen so they could have a chance to go in the laundry room and we could go in the kitchen.


Before we actually got into the kitchen we got to dress up. The girls wore a hat with a aipron and the boys wore a waistcoat with a hat.When we were going into the kitchen there was stuffed animals up above us. Once we all got in we got introduced to another helper called Isabel. She was going to be the cook while Jennifer went a round helping us. Here is the recipe to make snow cheese.

Ingredients and tools

A large bowl half-filled with cream

A teaspoon of Rosemary

A Whisk

A teaspoon of lemon juice

A Small bowl half-filled with almonds

3 raffia biscuits

Half a spoonfull of sugar

A Mortar and Pestle

A teaspoon of Rosemary


0. Wash your hands

1.Whisk cream till it becomes thick.

2. Crush the almonds with a Mortar and Pestle.

3. Crush the biscuits with the Mortar and Pestle.

4. Pour the crushed almonds and the biscuits into the bowl of cream.

5. Whisk it until the almonds and biscuits are mixed right into the mixture.

6. Put the teaspoon of rosemary in mixture and whisk it altogether.

7. Put the teaspoon of lemon juice in the mixture and whisk that with the rest of the mixture.

8. Put the sugar in the mixture and whisk it.

9. clean up all your tools.

That’s the ingredients for Snow Cheese

Youth Club !

Hey everyone cant wait till Youth Club tonight. Do you want to know why ? Ok well i’ll tell you. Tonight the Youth Club is taking us to swimming. Only the people who filled in the form and paid the money gets to go.All I no so far is that lucy N and Caitlin is coming and of course me.I’ve been before with them and so has Caitlin but that was before Lucy N started. When we were there we had soooooooo much fun i’ll tell you what we done. We went on the slides then swam up to the top of the pool then started to dive in. We done much more so I hope we have as much fun as we had last time. So bye for now 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Please leave comments 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

About Mee

Hi everyone this post is going to be about my favourite thing keep reading and you will enjoy ( well I hope anyway)!!!!!!!!

1. Fav coulor= Red
2. Fav animal=monkey
3. Fav dinner=lamb
4. Fav hobbie=Taekwondo
5. Bff=Lucy N
6.Fav actor=Will Smith/Bruce Willis
7.Fav song=Jessi J-Price tag

Plz plz plz leave comments !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Treasured Possessions!

My three most treasured possessions are my teddy, my picture of me when I  was wee and my first ever party dress.Here is some pictures of them hope you like them!

This is my teddy my uncle gave me it when I was born.


 This a picture of me when I was wee.

This ism my drees I got it on my first birthday and I wore it on my first Christmas. I’ve got a big picture of me in this dress when I was wee along with my first shoes on.

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Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii)

On Sunday me and my mum went up the town to get a Wii game called Donkey Kong Country Returns for me and get a PS3 Game for my dad. I went into Game but they didn’t have it and I didn’t bother going in to HMV so I went to Game Station. I walked in then went over to the Wii bit. Sadly I couldn’t see it but suddenly something caught the edge of my I and guess what it was, it was … Donkey Kong Country Returns 🙂 . As fast is I could I grabbed it straight from the shelf. And before you know it I had it in a bag along with my dads PS3 Game. After that we decided to go to HMV to get a D S Game for Lucas (my little brother) . We searched around the place until I found a game it was called Sam Power Handyman. So we got that and rushed home. When we got home I rushed up to my room and put the Wii on then played it.

I would definitely recommend it to a friend. On a scale of 1 to 100 I would give it 100 because it is Brilliant !!!!!!!!!

My Powerpiont xx


On Friday afternoon after Golden Time we got to find out who had won the big bag of maltesers 🙂 . During Golden Time Jennifer M and Elisha D go to go round to Mrs L’s office to find out who won.When they came back with the answer Golden time had finished so everyone had to come in the classroom. Mrs V done a little speech then Jennifer M and Elisha D got to say how the winner was.  And guess who won………….. Me (Robyn C). When they called out my name I was so surprised that I had won but really chuffed at the same time. Lucy N, Charlotte M, Elisha D, Brooke A, Eilidh D Hayley M, Kian G, Jack D, Alyson M, Natasha M, Jade S and Andrew F were all the runners up so they got a small packet of maltesers. But I got a big bag :).

Check It Out ^^^ !!!

Check out my knew title. It’s Awesome! just like to say thanks to Natasha M for doing the monkey for me that’s what makes it Awesome.

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The Swan’s at school!!!

All of the Primary 6’s went outside to play a game, the game was who could throw the rocket (the wee foam ones) the furthest. The teams were, nearly all the p6 boys in a team then it was all next door girls in a team with the rest of the boys in that team then there was, Me, Lucy N, Alyson M, Anna F, Hayley M, Eilidh D and Brooke A in the last team. The boys knew they were going to win. Once some people had a shot, half of the people from the team’s went with Miss M across to the benches and done something while Mrs V was with us. Our team didn’t get halved because we had the less people. Once everyone had a shot with Mrs V we got to run to the line then throw it . The boys were really good at it. When it came to Anna F, Anthony W and Rachel T, Anthony threw it really high and it hit a……… before you know it two gigantic Swan’s flew down. Everyone dashed to get there school bags and try to get in the classroom.

They were extraordinary! The were even taller than me. There wings were humongous, they actually looked like angle wings. One of them was all clean the other one wasn’t so clean. Everyone was knocking on the door to get in but no-one came 🙁 . I looked round and there I saw Ryan L and Lewis C  getting the rockets but I don’t think they knew where the other one was, so I squeezed past everyone. I crept down towards the last rocket and there strait ahead me was the dirty swan it stared at me with it’s dreadful face of it’s. As slowly as I could I grabbed the rocket from the floor then I ran for my life back up to the class and I gave the rocket to Mrs V. I got told to chap the p7’s window and tell them to open the door so I did. Then when I came back everyone was barging threw to get in but it was Sean M  who opened the door not a p7 (and don’t ask me how he got in because I don’t know). Once every one was in the class we got told to write on our Blogs about the swans and who ever described them the best would get a big bag of Maltesers(yum yum i hope I win). Somebody told us that the janitor was outside feeding them and so he was (I wouldn’t do it). Suddenly the bell rang and everyone ran out side to see them.

PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ Leave Comments!! O and hope I win the Maltesers 🙂 🙂 🙂 C Ya!

The Snow day’s!!!!!


On Monday morning I woke up,  got my breakfast,  got changed then ready to go to school. When I put my jacket on my mum got a text from the school, it said sorry but Carronshore primary school is closed 🙂 . I was glad that it was closed because I wanted to go outside and build a snowman. I sprinted up stairs got out of my school clothes and put on my casual clothes and I asked my mum if I could go out to play and build a big snowman but she said “No not the now you can look after L ucas the now (my little brother) because I am going out to shovel all the snow off the path” So I did. She was about 1 hour until she came in. Just before she came in she chapped  on the window and said “look” so me and my little brother looked out and there was a ugly looking snowman (No afence mum) it had  one eye, no nose and dirt for a mouth. Eventually she came in and I got to go out to  play. So I went for Rachel and then we started to add more snow on to  my mum’s snowman . It  got massive, then Rachel’s dad came out to help us build it. About half a hour later we were ffffffrreeeezziiinng. Rachel’s dad went in, then, Rachel’s mum came out to help us with sarah “Rachel’s we sister” my mum came out with Lucas but she wasn’t coming to help us she came out to clean even more snow out the way. I went over to Rachel’s front garden to role a big head while Rachel and her mum was still making the body.Once I had rolled a head together I rolled it over then we put it on the body, put the carrot in for the nose then put the potatoes in for the eyes then put stones in for a mouth then last but not least put grass on for the hair then we were finished it looked super.


The next day I went sledging with my mum, Susan (Rachel’s mum) and Rachel. Lucas and sarah (Rachel’s we sister) were staying in Rachel’s house with with Duncan (Rachel’s dad), because Lucas and Sarah don’t like going sledging.We went sledging to Sunny Side. First I went down the hill on the sledg and it was great fun and scary, then Rachel went down and she was screaming the rest of us was laughing. Next it was my mum who went down, I pushed her so she would go really fast and she did (ha ha). Then it was Susan she went down with Rachel on her knee’s it was funny  because Rachel was slipping of the sledg then at the end she fell off. When we were leaving we met Sean M and Tommy M there.


On Wednesday I went outside to play in the snow. I went out to play with Caitlin and Rachel. We started to have a snow ball fight when Thomas (Caitlin’s brother) came outside it was great fun the teams were me, Caitlin and Rachel team one, then Thomas team two. About half a hour later my mum and Lucas came out to shovel even more snow up because there was more snow last night. Then Duncan( Rachel’s dad )came out to join in then the teams were me, Caitlin, Rachel and Thomas team one, then Duncan team to we were in the lead then  Sarah and Lucas joined in.  Duncan accidentally through a snowball at Sarah and Lucas’s face and they started to cry. At the end of the snowball fight the team who won was team………. one yahoo!!!


On Thursday I had a really lazy day all I done was go on the computer do the post about X Factor then look at every one’s Blog. Once I had done that I came of the computer and watched TV and played on my D’s until Lucas wanted a shot.


On Friday night me and Lucas went to our cousin and auntie’s house from quarter to six to eight o’clock. We went there because my mum was at work and my dad was working to eight (he was snow cleaning). First when we went in  me and Becky (my cousin) went up stairs to her room to get some games we brought down Buckaroo and Twister. First we played Buckaroo but that didn’t work out that well because when it came to Lucas’s shot he kept knocking it over. So we tided all of Buckaroo away and got out Twister. My auntie Sharon was the person who spun the board and me, Lucas and Becky was playing it. It was funny because when Lucas got told what to do he just done anything. About half a hour later we were all in our pj’s and then at eight o’clock my dad came to pick us up in the digger (It is really fun).


On Saturday afternoon me, my mum and Lucas all went to Matalan. When we walked in the door there was loads of Santa and Rudolf  decoration things witch stretch tall and small. I wanted to get one but my mum said “wait until we’ve been round the shop and done a bit of shopping.” So once we had done our shopping I asked my mum but she said wait till tomorrow and ill maybe get one.


Sunday night again my dad and mum was working so we went to Rachel’s house until my dad came for us, but he didn’t have to pick us up he just had to walk from our house to Rachel’s house because she just lives across the road. When we went in we played a game called sceen it, that was great fun. Then my dad came and picked us up.


Sunday afternoon me, my mum and Lucas had a lazy day because all we done was watch a dvd it was called lion king. When I was we I always used to cry at it. It is about lions and all different kind of animals, we watched lion king one. At the very end of the film Lucas started to cry because the lion died and he was saying it was sad and he wouldn’t stop crying until me and my mum hugged him. About five minutes later my mum got a text saying school was back on.

X Factor !!!!!!!

I love X Factor. Here is the order my top seven favourite acts and with their mentors and a smiley face for if I like them or not.

1.Matt (Danni) 🙂 🙂 🙂

2.Rebeca (Cheryl) 🙂 🙂

3.Cher (Cheryl) 🙂

4.One Direction (Simon) 🙂

5.Mary (Loui) 🙁 🙁

6.Katie (Cheryl) 🙁 🙁

7.Wagner (loui) 🙁 🙁 🙁


I’m sorry i’ve not been blogging for ages because I forget my user name, but luckily  i remembered so that’s great. i’m totally going to start blogging now.

I Love Betty Boop !!!

I like Betty Boop.She is a lady with  black hair and she has a dog.I’m ok at drawing her.I’ve got a lot of things that are Betty Boop for e.g:chair,poster,2 money banks,bedding set and lots more stuff .

Random !!!!!!!!

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