Professional Learning Information

The Falkirk Literacy Team have collated scheduled courses and professional learning opportunities from Falkirk CPD Manager (and other sources) below and will continually update this page during the school year. These include courses and opportunities from the universal professional learning offer provided by our regional collaborative literacy team. These courses can all be booked in the usual way via CPD Manager.


January 2022:

20/1/22 RicLit 46 – Do you have a literacy niggle or an itch you need to scratch? – Information session for our new regional collaborative literacy practitioner enquiry project

20/1/22 RicLit Probationer/early career practitioner session on Reciprocal Reading. 

This session will introduce Reciprocal Reading as a scaffolded, or supported, discussion technique for comprehension (fiction & non-fiction; P3–S3). It involves teaching readers to use 4 main strategies to comprehend text:

Research evidence highlights the benefits of explicitly teaching reading comprehension strategies – showing improvements even in standardised tests. Join code xog5a1r.

27/1/22 – LIT 7-2022 – Let’s talk about unlocking pupil potential – supporting independent reading for research across the curriculum using digital tools (Immersive reader – converting texts, screen reader, simplified layout, Office Lens)



1/2/22 RicLit 47-  ID 77641 Embedding a Play Pedagogy and Learner-Led Approach in Primary 2 and Beyond – We continue our sharing practice in Play Pedagogy sessions with another opportunity to hear from practitioners who have embraced play and will share practical tips and suggestions for wherever you are on your play journey. This session will provide a glimpse into Allan’s Primary School (Stirling) and how they are re-inventing the school experience for their Primary 2 learners. With a focus on Outdoor Learning, regarding their Environment as the third educator and valuing Curiosity Time (learner led experiences), they are harnessing the excellent, play-based practice identified at Early Level and exploring how this may look at the next stage of the school experience.

8/2/22 RicLit 48 ID 77642  RIC Writing Programme – Persuasive. This session is the third in a series looking in depth at the learning and teaching of writing. In this particular session we will cover the text type: Persuasive. What are the features of a persuasive piece, the structure of this text type and how can we introduce this text type to maximise understanding and encourage our learners to write for enjoyment?

9/2/22 Education Scotland – Closing the Gap through Listening and Talking Webinar – 4-5pm 

• to raise awareness of the connection between listening and talking and current national priorities
• share some practical approaches and stimulate dialogue about learning, teaching and assessment
of listening and talking Sign up 

15/2/22 LIT 8-2022 – Spotlighting to teachers across the curriculum essential digital tools which will empower pupils to have independent access to learning – ( Immersive reader, Speech to Text, Office Lens, Read Aloud)



3/3/22 LIT 9-2022 – Let’s talk about unlocking pupil potential – supporting pupils to be clear, expressive and confident when communicating & presenting using digital tools (PowerPoint Live & Presenter Coach)

8/3/22 RIC LIT 50 – Stephen Graham Literacy Session – covering Building a Balanced Reader and Writer with a focus on Listening & Talking. The session will run at 1:30pm (course ID: 77928) and again at 3:45pm (course ID: 77929)

24/3/22 LIT 11-2022 – Let’s talk about unlocking pupil potential through removing literacy barriers for EAL pupils across the curriculum

24/3/22 RIC LIT 52 – RIC Writing – Procedural texts