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my holiday to aveimore again

I went to aviemore again it was fun.Before we left the phone rang it was my uncle Stuart he wanted to come with us.We got ready and of we went. Orla was looking after the rabbit.It takes 2 hours to get to aviemore.When we arrived we went to hour apartment and we unpacked and went to get something to eat I had sausage and bacan and mash potato.Then my uncle Stuart came with my auntie Michelle.My uncle Stuartgot a new car it is a range rover it was amazing.My uncle and auntie had a differentapartment than us so they went to their apartment and got changed for the disco.We all went up to the disco together my uncle Stuart got us drinks the disco was on from 9o’clock to 11o’clockmy uncle was being silly and he was dancing all about the floor it was really funny my cheeks were hurting and he got a chair and he stood on it and tried to balance on it and he fell and done a James Bond roll and a hand stand I was gutting my self laughing.The next day I went to get my breakfast.After my breakfast me and my uncle and auntie and my mum and dad and sister went to the cairngorm mountainsit is about  12 miles long and to walk it takes about 2hours to walk up it.Then my sister did not want to go up it so my mum and sister sat in the cafe.Me and my dad and auntie and uncle went for a little walk up the we came back down the we went back to our apartment.When we arrived it was dinner time so we went for dinner.After dinner we went to the disco and I forgot that it was Easter today and their was a EEGand spoon race at the disco I was agenst a 14teen and a 13teen year old and I won If you win you get 4 Easter eegs and I eat them all and it was time to go to bed I was not feeling well.When we went to our apartment I was sick all over the toilet the I my dad was making it worse he was hitting my back and all of it came out I hate being sick and then I went to bed.At 6o’clock in the morning I was sick again.Then in then I could not move or get out of my bed and then I came out of my bed then got dressed and then we went down the lift and went to get breakfast and I never eat any thing and then we went home and it was nice and sunny and that was my time at avimore.


This is a picture of me doing my maths outside with chalk and it was very fun.

I was learning about fractions.

When i was in the class I did not get it and now I do.

pepole in the football team

There are Tommy,Ryan,Sean,Me,Cammy D,Cameron S,Mark,Murray,Greg,Conner,Liam,Jamie,Aaron and thats all

my holiday at majorca

I when i was 10 i went to majorca and it had a big swimming pool and to jicoses and entertament to and a iland ower hotel was called hotel belvadea and i was on the fith flor and ther was nine flors and i had 12 friends and the hotel and i had a friend called adam and a friend called luke a friend called jordon and a friend called jake and a fried called pope and a friend called calom.

my new football team

One morning ryan came over to my house and asked me if i can come to his football traning on a tuesday, wensday. I asked my mum and she said yesso i was very happy and i came. It was at Grangemouth high school and we tran in the hall and Grangemouth high school is big and the first time I went in I got lost. When I finally I reached the hall and when I went in to the hall there was new people there to so we got to go games and we.Ran round the hall 21 times.At the end we went home and i was tirad.

my birthday

hi it’s lewis here and it is my birthday. Today on march the 3rd 2011 and i got was…a big lego fire station and a liverpool top and football boots. For my training and grantarismo 5 for the ps3 and uncle buck. On dvd and haribos strips and a top and I hope you read it. and plz leave comments.

my treasured possessions

hi my name is lewis and im going to tell you all about my teddy called freddy.

   The first pic is me and my teddy Freddy.








I got this teddy when i was born and in that picture I was four

 This pic is me holding my teddy and it is sitting down on the ict table!

 all these pics are my favourites!

Aviemore !!!

On the October holidays i went to Aviemore  for three days,  i left on the Sunday and came back on the Tuesday and it was in the hills.It was a big hotel i went with my mum and dad and  my little sister Sophie, it took two hours and on the way we had to stop at a cafe and i had sausage,egg and beans. When we arrived at the hotel we went swimming, the pool had a wave machine and a big slide, my Dad even went down and he got stuck half way.I went down the slide to and i never got stuck i can touch the ground of the swimming pool the full way because i am tall.After the swimming we got changed for dinner, we had to walk because it was a bit far but it never took long, it was our first time going to the restaraunt and their was a adults menu and a kids buffy.Their was jelly,fish,piazza,macaroni,and after dinner we went to the kids disco, their was a clown called bubbles and he was very funny and he made balloons for every body, i got two swordes and my Little sister got a flower, my dad was laughing at him and his funny jokes. I went up and dance to the cha cha slide and i was very good, after the disco it was half ten so we all walked to the apartment and we got changed and went to bed.The next day we went for breakfast and after our breakfast we went round the shops, i went to look at the toys and my little sister went to look for hello kitty and she got a hello kitty lolly pop and i got a big lolly pop.The next day we went up the rallway Caiangorm mountains,it was 3500 feet high,it took 20 minutes to get up when we got up we went to look at the view and it was really good so we went to the cafe and i got a bit of short bread and a drink,i fell a sleep on the sofa and after that we went on the railway again and it was brilliant ,so when we got to the botom we went back to the hotel and played on the inflatables for 2 hours and then we had to go home.



http://www.onetruemedia.com/share_view_player?p=c29d8c148f8a4a2d0b148b[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.onetruemedia.com/share_view_player?p=c29d8c148f8a4a2d0b148b" width="408" height="382" allowfullscreen="true" /]

max in the middle


today we went to max in the middle. We had a dance teacher called ash and Lawrence and we played some games first we played the zombie game there was one person in the middle and they had to go to the person who you chose and they had to say the persons name three times.


On Tuesday we made some good food and we made. Fruity crumble tumble and oak cakes and Salmon boats and I only liked the Salmon boats  they are scrummy.


On Wednesday it was workout Wednesday and we had to Dance really fast we had to dance to dance to rock this party and it was hard to do we done Michael Jackson spin and I was tired.

Thursday it was thinking Thursday and I was not hear  I was at my grans funeral that day so I can not tell you about it.


On Friday it was a finale Friday and it was our performance and we had to do all our moves in front of the mums and dads and we had to dance really fast and we had to learn it of by heart and we wear very Nervis and it was difficult.:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀



I have chosen to do animals that live in Australia the first one is a kangaroo, they can jump over a 8 foot fence and easily leap 20 to 30 feet forward, they can travel at 35mph.

when i went to see my first football match i was very excited about my first football match me andmy dad went to see Falkirk and Hamilton play against each other the game k of f and  and at half time it was. Zero-zero and me and my dad went to get a hot dog and a drink. My dad got a drink of tea and I got 7 up and we sat down and the game re-started 15 minutes Hamiltonscores a goal and i thought Falkirk was doing rubbish and Hamilton was doing good and there was some close goals to falkirk and at the end of the match Hamilton won one zero and that was my first football match bye.

my Gran

I have a gran called Ann and she was in strathcarron hospice with cancer and she had allot of medicine. She was in strathcarron hospice for four weeks but at the weekend she died on Saturday night.  Her funeral is on Thursday and I was sad when she died and I am going to miss her very much.    🙁     🙁    🙁

this is a picture that looks like my rabbit sooty.



the music i like are JLS, usher, Tio cruz, chipmunk, dizzee rascal, roll deep, n-dubz, katy perry, kylie minogue, b.o.b, bruno mars, professor green, ke$ha, jason derulo, skepta, tinie tempah, david guetta, kelly rowland, lady gaga cheryl cole, will.i.am, pit bull, plan B, lily allan, Iyaz, justin bieber, alicia keys,lamfo and that is all my pop stars that I like the most bye 🙂


my friends in primary 6m

I have a friend called lewis.

I have a friend called jordan.

I have a friend called lewis m.

I have a friend called sean b.

I have a friend called robbie.

I like my friends in the other class bye.

my pets

I have a rabbit called sooty she is a mini lop.She does not grow that big she is not a house rabbit and we let her out to run about the garden.She some times escapes and runs away so one of us has to wacth the rabbit.A few months ago we let her in the house and she riped a bit out the sofa does poos on the carpet and goes under the sofa.So we never let her in the house again so the next day we had to take her to the vet we  had to put her in the box to take her to the vet my dad had to lift her out of her cag, we drove her to the vet  where she got a jag. bye for now bye.:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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