The Oxgang Primary Infinitree Crop

WP_20160318_005[1]On Friday 18th March, Bartek and Scott in primary 5 at Oxgang School, told Mrs McBlain all about the imaginary Infinitree crop which they invented. This is a very special crop which is a blend of chocolate cane and a tree. The tree has leaves which can be crushed to give chocolate oil and then the leftover leaves can be made into chocolate paper, AND the chocolate canes can be crushed to make chocolate powder!! WP_20160318_006[1]

The Infinitree crop is grown in the town of Little Market by very special characters. These include:


Rocko Bartson who is the harvester for the village farm. He is 18 years old and gets up at 6 o clock to harvest the Infinitree crop.


Bella Flower checks the fences and she drives the trucks which take the crop to market.

Declan Donald has 5 children, and he has to get up at 1am every morning to start watering the crop. He has to water 5000 plants, 5 times a day!

Miranda Rubber plants the seeds, she has one child and she works five days a week and does housework on the other 2 days. She gets up at 5 in the morning.

Bartek and Scott helped to write this blog post and were very good at explaining how their harvesting machines worked – they chose to make these from Knex instead of making them with their bodies during drama.











As you can see from the photos above and below, Bartek and Scott have had to think hard about farming, farmers and the crops they grow. We hope you enjoy reading about the valuable learning the boys have done with their teacher Mrs Stephen. They would be delighted to read any comments would like to write in the space below.





  1. David Mackay says:

    Well done to you both. I really enjoyed reading about Little Market and the very interesting people who live and work there.
    Are you planning to tell more about the village in the near future…I would really love to hear more.

  2. Miss Beattie says:

    What wonderful work Bartek and Scott! Its clear to see that you have been working very hard with Mrs Stephen. I am very impressed! Well done!

  3. Mrs Pohlen says:

    Wowee this is all AMAZING! It looks like you had fun doing this and have been working really really hard on your Infinitree crop. I’m sure your teacher is so proud of you both. Well done xx

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