Winning Words – Interactive Poetry Generators

Winning Words Interactive Poetry Generator is a suite of interactive tools to create poems in a choice of genre, with an associated image.

The inspiration for the poems which can be created by users in this suite of tools is provided by words and images associated with the Olympic and Paralympic Games. However the resource and asociated ideas can be used to inspire work in other fields.

There are lesson notes for the teacher (primary or secondary).

You can make your choice of genre from a selection of 6:
Shape Poetry
Performance Poetry
Imaginative Voice

Accompanying each generator is a description of the style in question and examples in history, as well as examples of the poem from users. In addition there is a description of the characteristics of each style and a guide to creating a poem in that genre. There is also a glossary of poetry terms to help provide further ideas to try in the creations using the interactive tool or without it. And because this particular resource is created with the Olympic and Paralympic Games specifically in mind there are links to a series of videos from athletes which can be used as possible sources of inspirations for the poems (or indeed help suggest how this can be adapted for other themes).

Whichever genre of poetry is chosen the interactive tool follows a similar process – you are presented with a graphical interface where you possibly choose a shape or image. Then a wordbank of randomly generated words on the theme are presented beside your chosen shape or in the chosen frame. Then the user selects words from the wordbank and drags them into their choice of space, re-arranging as often as required. And the user can generate further banks of words, or indeed bring up an on-screen kepboard and add create further words to add.

Once the words are in the desired sequence and layout, the user clicks on the finish button and the comleted poem is merged with the image for saving as an image or printing.

Finished works can be shared for others to enjoy on school websites or class blogs for comment and feedback from others, and links shared for other users of the interactive tool to find by using social media channels created for this tool on the main page of the Winning Words site.


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