What’s the Answer Wolfram|Alpha? A search engine which answers with numbers, tables and graphs

Wolfram|Alpha is a search engine with a numeracy slant! It is what is known as a computational search engine, meaning that it is numerical data that it displays in various formats when a search term is entered in the search box.

To get a flavour of what this tool can do you may wish to click on the examples which displays an enormous range of topic headings including Materials, Astronomy, Units and Measures, Dates & Times, Weather Current & Historical, Places & Geography, Maps, People & History, Culture & Media, Books, films, Television, Music, Words & Linguistics, Sports & Games, Health & Medicine, Food & Nutrition, the Technological World, and much, much more!

Wolfram|Alpha is a different way of doing dynamic computations based on a vast collection of built-in data. Users simply enter the question in the search box in plain English and Wolfram|Alpha presents the information sought in list, tabular, or graphical form. Graphs can also be further refined by clicked on various options. And Wolfram|Alpha also provides links to the sources of the information it uses to produce the information it displays.

Watch the video below for an introduction to Wolfram|Alpha


Wolfram|Alpha has a section for educators devoted to supporting the use of the tool in the classroom for different age groups and across the curriculum. This has lesson plans, suggested activities, videos showing the tool in use in classrooms, and links to portals using the tool for specific classroom audiences – including the Wolfram|Alpha Education Portal. This education portal has a whole host of resources (pre-created interpretations of data matched to aspects of maths, for instance). So here you will find demonstration animations on a host of topics grouped by age and stage, and by curricular area.

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