Want to draw? Here’s how with Drawspace

Drawspace is a series of free to download, detailed lessons on learning to draw. There are over 200 lessons which are comprehensive with guided instructions and illustrations of techniques. Each free, downloadable and printable lesson focuses on an individual aspect of drawing. And each lesson is grouped within categories and by skill level.

So if drawing animals is what you want to do there is a series of lessons based on the vaious skills required for that. While if people, or cartoons, nature, still life, caricatures, perspective or buildings are your focus then there are grouped lessons on each of these too (as well as many more categories).

There is a whole series on art terms on techniques applicable across all forms, and on resources you may use. There is also a section devoted to looking at well-known artists and their work, and how to achieve some of the techniques they used.

These lessons would be useful for the individual to work on or for teachers to use as the basis for a lesson in a class.

Drawspace also has an extensive gallery of user-uploaded creations which can be used as further illustrations of techniques. All in all Drawspace provides a comprehensive resource, for free, to all interested in developing their artistic skills.

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