Timeline Tools in Teaching and Learning

Timelines can be useful across the curriculum in classroom contexts – such to show the progression of events, whether as a sequential record of major developments in real historical events, or for pupils to create a fictional sequence in creative writing, or for documenting the steps involved in practical scientific enquiry.

Timeline Tools

TimetoastTimetoast – free ad-supported public timeline creator.

Timeline Tools from the Cybraryman – Jerry Blumengarten’s collection of tools which can be used to create timelines, as well as links to how these can be used across the curriculum in classrooms at different ages and stages.

Timelines and Diaries for Writing Skills is a collection of tools collected and described by Ana Cristina which support the teaching of writing skills by using a range of prompt tools, or online diary recording tools, or timeline creators.

Examples of use of Timeline Tools

When Falkirk schools were being introduced to Glow, Scotland’s national intranet for schools, the timeline below was created using Dipity Timeline Creator to provide a picture of the sequence of rolling Glow out to all users (click on “Glow in Falkirk” below):

Glow in Falkirk


  1. Mr Lennie says:

    It looks excellent- I will add in the additional date information and tinker a little bit more with the location map.

  2. Malcolm Wilson says:

    Thanks for the comment William – and apologies for the delay in replying. Thanks too for your suggestions.

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