The Great Behaviour Game – a free online tool to support Classroom Behaviour Management

The Great Behaviour Game is a free online tool which a classroom teacher can use to help turn managing classroom behaviour in a primary classroom into a game with a class of pupils.

At the same time this provides a serious tool to help identify behaviour patterns of individual pupils for a teacher, which can greatly help in resolving issues. The reports which the tool generates can also help measure the response to intervention strategies.

How Does a teacher Use it with a Class?

The teacher simply starts the game at the start of a day and lets it run while teaching (though it can be minimised from sight when using the computer, and brought into view with a click at any time).


Each pupil’s name appears on screen.  When the teacher starts the game, pupils will begin automatically earning points (thus rewarding good classroom behaviour). Special points – stars – will be awarded every ten consecutive points. If a teacher wishs to award bonus points for any reason at any time the teacher simply clicks on a pupil’s name on screen to award a bonus.


At any time, if required, a teacher can click-and-hold on the name of a pupil to assign a timeout from gaining points (this can be varied in teacher settings to be one, three or five minutes in duration). A red progress bar on screen at that pupil’s name will count down the time remaining until they can re-start gaining points along with the rest of the class. During timeout, the pupil will not earn points and his or her progress towards the next star will start over. If the need arises, a teacher can click the game piece during timeout to restart the counter.


If a pupil continues to exhibit disruptive behaviour during timeout, the teacher can click-and-hold the name of the pupil on screen again to place the the pupil’s points into a freeze. During a freeze, the pupil will not earn points, and he or she will stay in the freeze until you release it with another click-and-hold action.


At any time reports can be called up by the teacher. These can display the whole class to show at a glance where issues have arisen at particular times of the day. Reports on individual pupils can also be seen by the teacher (which can also be printed or shared) which identify points gained, timeouts, freezes, bonus points, all matched against times of the day. These reports can help a teacher identify patterns of times, activities and behaviours across a day with all pupils, and also for individuals. The Great Behaviour Game can be used to identify pupils in need of support, and in implementating intervention strategies, and measuring intervention outcomes.

The Great Behaviour Game does not require any special software or plugins – it runs completely in a web browser.  The teacher simply signs up for a free account.

The Great Behaviour Game also provides reference to academic research which was used to design the tool for use in the primary classroom.

The ease of use, the engaging game-based display for the pupils, combined with the detailed reports for the teacher make this a useful tool to be considered by primary teachers to support the management of classroom behaviour.

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