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Real-time multi-user collaboration in Microsoft Excel Online

Do your learners create graphs in your classroom? Perhaps after they undertake a survey, such as a traffic survey, favourite food, eye colour, or something related to an area of study in the curriculum? There’s a whole range of digital tools available to help create graphs and charts (have a look at this blogpost “Fun …

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Handling the Information – Databases in the Primary Classroom

Handling the Information – using Databases in the Primary Classroom.  In this information age being able to use a database is an essential skill.  Databases are all around us and being able to use them effectively is seen as an essential skill for pupils.  The task for the teacher is finding age-appropriate databases  and contexts which will appeal to …

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2Simple Infant Video Toolkit – it’s nothing to do with video!

2Simple infant video toolkit from http://www.2simple.com/ comprises six programs for early years introducing basic skills, and supported by excellent video lessons aimed at teachers using them with the pupils (that’s where the “video” fits in the title!). 2Paint – Draw pictures with a very simple painting program 2Publish – Combine words & pictures & create letters, borders, envelopes & much …

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