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Game-making in the primary classroom with 2DIY from 2Simple

2DIY from 2Simple provides the means for teachers and primary pupils to create their own interactive resources, activities, games, puzzles, quizzes. With this software teachers and primary school children themselves can create cross-curricular, personalised resources and use them on whiteboards, websites, blogs or a learning platform like Glow. Learning is embedded as children plan, design, create, publish and play.  Drag items to a picture, create  interactive screens, make jigsaws, sorting & grouping activities, picture quizzes & even create your own multi-level games.

Click on the link below for a video introduction to 2DIY


Click on the link below for the user guide for 2DIY from 2Simple:


Click on the link below for instruction sheets by Sean Harding and Gideon Williams for making a catching game in 2DIY

2Simple Talk provides a forum for users of 2Simple software and online content to share examples of work created using the software, and where additional support materials created by users can be shared.  Click on the link below for 2 Simple Talk:


Click on the link below to see work created by pupils from Dunipace Primary School using 2DIY;


2Simple have a wide range of videos on their 2Simple YouTube channel which show how users are using the software.  Click on the link below to go to 2Simple YouTube Channel and enter 2DIY into the serach box for all 2DIY videos:


Below you can try playing the maze game created using 2DIY (use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move).

In addition to supporting learning across the curriculum, the use of 2DIY game-making tools can contribute to the development of programming skills and the logical problem-solving sequencing of mathematics. And it's fun!