Maths Fun with Sumdog

Sumdog provides engaging online maths games which are free to play, either at home or at school. They cover 122 numeracy skills, split into 10 levels of increasing difficulty. Most are multiplayer, so pupils can play against pupils from the thousands of others worldwide.

Without logging in any pupils can choose which topics to practise when starting a game. Teachers who have signed up for a free teacher login can also set challenges and competitions for their pupils so that when the pupils log in they can focus on individual topics.

Sumdog adapts to the skill level of the pupil playing the game. If the pupil keeps getting the questions right, they’ll get harder automatically. And if they have problems with a topic, Sumdog will help them practise by asking more questions. This means that the teacher can use these activities with pupils of varying abilities.

With a free Sumdog teacher login, teachers can create activities for their own pupils. The teacher can choose which topics their pupils work on – Sumdog has 122 on offer – and control the games they can play, who they play against, and the end time of the activity. The teacher can also create teams, and either assign pupils to the teams the teacher wants, or let Sumdog choose ramdomly. A Sumdog competition lets a teacher’s pupils compete with each other while playing Sumdog’s games. Competitions can be based on effort – how many questions are answered – as well as proficiency. As the competition runs, a teacher can check the progress of their pupils live, and – if desired – show the scores on a leaderboard.
Sumdog challenges – these  each have a specific goal for the pupils of a teacher, together with a dealine for achieving it: for example, “get 100 questions right”, or “win 10 Sumdog games”. A teacher can set up several challenges at once – even creating different ones for pupils in the same class.

For an introduction to Sumdog watch the video below:

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The video below also provides comments from pupils and teachers about Sumdog:

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