So, apart from computers, what are these technology things you’re using in school?

So we hear a lot about learning technologies,  ICT, or Technologies for Learning. To those outwith a school setting there is often an assumption this means computers, and little else. And of course it does include computers and online tools. But if you are looking for a series of helpful plain-English guides to explain the wide range of tools which come under the banner of learning technologies in schools to support learning and teaching, then have a look at the advice sheets from the National Centre for Technology in Education:

The NCTE sheets cover a wide range of areas relevant to ICT in education. The advice sheet titles include: What is a computer, Computer Specifications, Laptops, PDAs, DVD, Storage and Backup, Computer Viruses, Securing Equipment, Printers, Scanners, Digital Cameras, Digital Video Cameras, Digital Voice Recorders, Digital Projectors, Interactive Whiteboards, What Is A Network, Networking Basics, Thin Client Networks, Wireless Networks, Educational Software, Software Licensing, The Internet, Internet Safety, Intranets, School Web Sites, Video Conferencing,, ICT and Special Educational Needs, Ergonomics, Health and Safety, Mobile Phones , Datalogging, Programmable Bricks, Glossary, Podcasting, Blogs, Visualiser, and Multimedia Editing Station.

Each advice sheet gives an outline of what the term means, along with examples of use in schools, and links to useful resources for more information. Each sheet also includes advice about the educational role and application of each tool to support learning. These sheets are useful for anyone who may be unfamiliar with the range of learning technologies available and used in schools – and may also provide ideas for further use by those who are familiar with the tools.

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