Video Tutorials to help get smarter at using your SMART Board interactive whiteboard in the classroom

In order for an interactive whiteboard to become more than simply a projection board, a teacher with a SMART Board interactive whiteboard needs to know how to make use of the interactive features of a SMART Board. And in order to become comfortable in using these tools this site provides for teachers an easily accessible series of bite-sized videos on specific tasks. So when you need to know how to do a specific task you can quickly find the appropriate video and watch just that video. Each video is only a few minutes in length so is straightforward to get going with just what is needed. Beside the title of each video the length of the video is indicated.

When that skill is embedded there are ideas for moving on to make greater use of the interactive features of the SMART Board. It’s when the interactive features of a SMART Board are used in the classroom that many teachers find the biggest benefits to learning and teaching in their classrooms.

Short task-specific video tutorials are provided for using your SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

These are grouped under categories and then listed as tasks you might wish to need to do.  Each tutorial title indicates the length of each tutorial.  These cover the following:

The Getting Started category includes Get to know your board, How to Check if the Notebook software is installed, Where to Download Notebook from the SMART website, how to Install Notebook on your computer, and how to Find the serial number on your board to activate the full version of the software. It’s worth noting here that SMART Notebook software is free to download to anyone, and the full version is downloadable. However until a user puts in a serial number the software is a time-limited trial version only. This means teachers with a SMART Board in their school can download the software for home use – they just need to have the serial number from their SMART Board.

The Getting Connected category includes videos on how to Connect the cables, and what the status lights mean.

The section on Using Your Computer In A Whole New Way includes orienting the board, Using the onscreen keyboard, right-clicking, and using Ink Aware in Word and PowerPoint. Ink Aware is a neat feature for using Word documents or Powerpoint presentations where the teacher can use the pen tool to write on a Word/Powerpoint document on the SMART Board and then, using Ink Aware, instantly convert it to text within the Word document. This applies to images drawn onto the board too where Ink Aware lets you add them as embedded images in Word/Powerpoint.

A Whiteboard But Smarter – in this category there are videos showing how to Open the Notebook software, Get to know the interface and wide range of tools, Write on the whiteboard, Move and resize your writing, Convert your writing to text, Type text into Notebook, Draw simple shapes using the shape recognition pen, Draw complex shapes using the shapes tool, Fill shapes with colour, and how to Share your created files with pupils and colleagues.

In the final category of video tutorials you will find videos on Creating Engaging Lesson Activities, how to Check if gallery essentials is installed, how to Download and install gallery essentials, an Introduction to the gallery, how to Search for gallery content, how to Browse for gallery content, and where to Find content on the SMART Exchange, Insert content into your lesson, and add your own files to your own My content area. is one of many other sites which provide video tutorials on using a SMART Board in an interactive way to support learning and teaching in classrooms.

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