SMART Exchange – SMART Board Resources for the Classroom Teacher

If your classroom has a SMART Board in it then a huge wealth of resources is available free to you online, making use of the SMART Board’s own interactive software, SMART Notebook, at SMART Exchange. This lets you browse through thousands of resources created by teachers worldwide, or you can filter your search to resources suitable for a specific yeargroup or teaching stage, or classroom activities, a curricular area, or by your own country’s curriculum – so, for example, Scottish Teachers can find resources to support experiences and outcomes within the Curriculum for Excellence.

SMART Notebook software combines a straightforward presentation tool with a host of interactive elements to help support the engagement of pupils with the topic being taught. And SMART Notebook software resources can be adapted by teachers to the needs of their own learners. SMART Exchange, in addition to the wealth of teaching resources just waiting to be donwloaded and used in the classroom,  also provides links to how-to guides to using a SMART Board more effectively, and a forum for teachers to share tips and ideas.

And if you don’t have SMART Notebook software on your computer where you are viewing the resources you can still make use of them by using SMART Notebook Express all online.


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