Take your time with Writing! Slow Writing Interactive Tool

Often teachers might have set a written task for pupils which has to be completed in a specific timescale of a timetabled unit of time. “Write a story in the next 50 minutes!”

In order to help ensure the pupil concentrates on quality of writing, rather than on writing purely to meet the target of a set number of words, this tool is designed to slow down, and help the pupil focus on an aspect of language in each sentence, with the random nature of the tool providing an element of fun. Slow Writing is an interactive tool designed to be used when pupils are writing texts, to provide a random instruction for each sentence – based on an aspect of literacy. 

So when you click on “Sentence One” you may be presented with an instruction like “Sentence One must use repetition for emphasis.” When you click on “Sentence Two” it may say “Sentence Two must contain only three words.” Sentence three may say it has to use a simile, and so on. Each of these random statements can be clicked as often as required to present further choices – and some may present tasks which the pupil does not understand, so can either be clicked upon to make another choice, or an opportunity for further explanation can be taken by the teacher (or the pupil to find out, depending on age, stage and experience of the pupil).

In addition to the tool itself there is a link to information about how teachers can use this in teaching English, as well as to further related teaching tools.


  1. Malcolm Wilson says:

    The online interactive tool now seems to only be available via subscription and the direct link no longer works.

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