Slimber – replaying the drawing process

Slimber is an online drawing application which allows users to draw online, replay and save their drawings online.

And it’s the replaying of how the image was created which makes this a useful tool in a teaching situation – though teacher caution would be advised as to how it was used, given that anyone can comment on images and any image can be uploaded.

The gallery of art creations by users of Slimber has a range of images created by others which can be searched on a range of art styles and techniques. Simply by clicking on any one of them brings up the completed image, and under each image is a replay control button. So when you click on this play button you see how the image was created – and you can pause at any point.

This makes the tool great for teachers demonstrating art techniques or how particular styles of art can be produced, and for being able to replay over and over to see how different techniques produce different effects. Since users can add comments to each gallery image teachers would wish to exercise caution in how they use this tool.

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