SAM Animation for creating stop-motion animations in the classroom

SAM Animation stop-motion-animation software (demo-version) from Tufts University is great to create stop-motion animations.   It has a free to download version and the SAM Animation site has online help-guides.

What is SAM Animation?

SAM Animation provides a tool for pupils to make stop-action movies using a USB camera or webcam.  SAM originally stood for “Stop-Action Movies.”

Features of SAM Animation:

Snap images from a live web-cam feed or import pictures

Add narration of import audio files

Onion-skinning for easy frame-to-frame alignment (means you can see where your previous image was)

Add text and shape overlays to each frame

Import movie files

Export your project into a variety of movie formats

Here’s a short video introduction to the free demo version of SAM Animation:

For a range of video tutorials on using SAM Animation software in the classroom click here.

For pupil-created examples of animations created using SAM Animation, grouped according to curricular area, click here. – for a very helpful guide to creating stop-motion animations in the primary classroom. This step by step guide can be applied to other software.

Click here for a useful blog posting from the Langwitches Blog with resources and tips for using storyboarding in stop-motion animations.

ACMI has produced a free online interactive storyboard tool which would be useful for pupils planning their animations.

eMints Stop Motion Animation Made Easy from the University of Missouri is a post which provides examples of how animation creation can be incorporated in learning in a variety of curricular areas.

The Teaching Ideas site has a great collection of resources to support film-making and animation production in the classroom, including lesson plans, posters, display material and more.

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