Rapping the News – rhyming current affairs in the classroom

http://theweekinrap.com/ is exactly what the title says!  Every week some main stories in the news from this US site are reported in rap.  The quick rhythmic rhyming delivery allied to the mix of news footage, animations and special effects in the video makes for engaging viewing.

Teachers often look to have pupils discuss current affairs in class and The Week in Rap provides one way to quickly recap what’s happened in the week past. Each video covers a week of news in just a few minutes of viewing.  Because they are retrospetive this gives teachers a chance to preview before use in the classroom to check for relevance and suitability. The site also archives each of the videos. You can also search for key words.

The text of each video is included below each video which lets teachers quickly preview the content.  This also lets pupils join in if they wish. And the rap text also contains hyperlinks on each key phrase to the stories in the news which provides more information on any of the news stories mentioned in the rap. 

The videos may also provide inspiration for ideas for pupils to create their own video presentations, whether of current affairs reported in the media, or to report on events in their own school or locality. If pupils wish to create their own multimedia presentations in a similar vein the following may be useful:

Windows Live Movie Maker, SAM Animation and Photostory 3 are three free pieces of software which pupils can use to create their own videos. For images free to use in such projects click on each link here. Pupils will probably wish to record their audio track first and Audacity is a free piece of software which lets users record and edit their audio and create a file in mp3 format which can be imported into the video before then adding the images. And if they wish to use a music backing track which is free to use click here for a number of sources of music free to use in pupil projects.

Click here for instructions for writing a rap in a classroom.

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