Questions to Prompt Your Pupils to Think

 Looking for a fun way to prompt your pupils to think about alternative viewpoints? There are several online sources of question prompts which encourage pupils to consider different ways of thinking – discussion prompts with a touch of fun.

“Stimulate the grey cells and invite discussions in your class with Thunks! These are questions to make you think and are open-ended. The Thunks website contains a searchable database of questions, split into categories, each question also having a survey tool attached to invite responses from others.” Based on “A Little Book of Thunks” by Ian Gilbert.

“A Thunk is a beguilingly simple-looking question about everyday things that stops you in your tracks and helps you start to look at the world in a whole new light.”

The following have taken some of these ideas and adapted or presented them in different ways to suit different age-groups.

Andy Fisher Thunks – a presentation of 42 slides each with a questions to prompt pupils to think and discuss with others in the class. Slides includes thought-provoking, yet fun, questions such as  “If giraffes ruled the world, what differences might we see?” and “If you could take a pill which meant you could never fail, would you?”

The Thunker – a presentation of slides put together by Mike Gershon for use in the classroom. As with all Thunks there are no right or wrong answers. These questions are adapted or re-presneted from those by Ian Gilbert – more information can also be found at Independent Thinking – Thunks.

Essential Questions is a randomly generated series of questions to help provoke discussions so that each day you visit the website you’ll see a different set of questions.

Year5ThePines Thunks – Questions to Make You think – these are based on the thunks by Ian Gilbert and presented as colourful slides with clip art.

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