Primary Games for Learning Gains

Primary Games Arena is a site aimed specifically at pupils in primary schools and comprises free online games for all ages and stages, as well as all areas of the curriculum.

There is a huge selection of high-quality games which have been identified to individually address the needs of the curriculum first and foremost to address the learning required for specific ages and stage and each curricular area, and are also visually very engaging. Elements of games-based learning which are also incorporated include badges (online medals) for rewards for pupils to reward their playing the games. There is a like button on each game, and this feeds back to the home page which displays the top-rated popular games at any time. And users can easily share what they find with a link to a specific game (the link for a specific game appears on that page, as does html embed code for sharing on websites or blogs or VLEs).

Each curricular area and and range of games is linked to external curricular-related material which supports users of these games (either to help pupils in improving their skills when then playing the games or to develop further in any areas) and shows how what they are doing is matched to the requirements of the curriculum.

And if you find a great online game somewhere which would be great to add to this site (and which would then have the gaming reward medals available to users everywhere) there is a simple contact page to send details to Primary Games arena who can check it and add it as appropriate.

There are different ways of pupils or teachers finding a game to support them in any area of the curriculum – you can click on the home page curricular links or the age/stage links. Each provides further lists of games specific to the curriculum for the area or stage. Or you can simply enter into the search box whatever is being taught so the appropriate range of games is then displayed.

The site provides code to easily add Primary Games Arena onto your school website so the games can be even more easily accessed by pupils.


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