Power Up your PowerPoint Presentation with inbuilt Designer for Design Ideas

Do you want to present with panache, style or flair? If you or your learners spend a lot of time trying to make your PowerPoint slides look good, then welcome to PowerPoint’s inbuilt Designer or Design Ideas to power up your PowerPoint presentation in the click of a button!

With just a few clicks in Microsoft PowerPoint (whether in the desktop/laptop, mobile or web versions) you can get professional-looking designs for your slides. Just add your text and an image or two and then, from the menu ribbon click Designer/Design Ideas, “Hey Presto!” you are presented with a selection of layout options from which to choose.

So you can spend your time thinking about what you are trying to say in your presentation, and let PowerPoint’s built-in Design Ideas provide you with very professional-looking slides in a few seconds to help you get your message over.

Why use PowerPoint Designer?

Using PowerPoint Designer your content becomes key to you – you choose your words and let PowerPoint Designer make it look visually engaging.

PowerPoint Designer:

  • Automatically generates design ideas from which to choose
  • Lets you just add content on a slide – and Designer works in background to match content to professionally designed layouts
  • Detects pictures, charts or tables & gives suggestions for arranging them in a cohesive, attractive layout
  • Turns text such as lists, processes or timelines into easily readable SmartArt graphic

How to use PowerPoint Designer

To use PowerPoint Designer simply open your PowerPoint presentation > from menu ribbon choose Design > Design Ideas (or Designer)

For a step-by-step guide to using PowerPoint Designer simply click on Create professional slide layouts with PowerPoint Designer on the Microsoft Support site, choose your device (whether desktop/laptop, mobile or web), and you will get a how-to guide tailored to your application.

For a quick overview of PowerPoint Designer watch this video by Microsoft’s Mike Tholfsen:

What to do if PowerPoint Designer does not work or does not do not quite what you want

This helpful video provides the situations where you may find PowerPoint Designer might not work – and helpfully the steps to take to rectify each issue:

This video by Sharyn Baines shows how to tweak an automatically generated Design Ideas slide in Microsoft PowerPoint – so that if a colour of an element is not quite what you want, or you need to remove a graphic which features as part of a Design Ideas auto-created slide, this video shows how you can make the adjusts to the slide to fine-tune the design to your needs.

Want to find out more about PowerPoint and making more engaging presentations?

Here’s a link to the Microsoft PowerPoint support site on the Microsoft Educator Centre where you’ll find how-to guides and tutorials, videos and more.

And for tips and tricks, suggestions and links to resources related to using Microsoft PowerPoint you may find it helpful to follow @PowerPoint on Twitter

And if you want to find out more about how to make your PowerPoint presentation visually engaging then you may find helpful the free on-demand online course in the Microsoft Educator Centre called “How to combine text and images like a pro

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