What was it like in the olden days? See and add photographs of nearby streets then and now

So how often do teachers get asked: “What was it like in the olden days?” as if they lived through medieval times!

What Was there?

Well What Was There is a neat free online tool which lets you upload old pictures of any location, add the date, and then pinpoint the location on a map and match it to the same view today. You can adjust the view to match the view in the old photograph as it uses eye-level street view tools. And then when uploaded you can fade from one view to another so you can see the changes appear before your eyes. This would be useful for pupils to see how streets around their school changed over time. They could contribute photographs or link from those elsewhere. So whether the focus is history or geography this could be a useful tool either for local studies or for looking at the changes in locations further afield.

History Pin

An alternative tool for sliding through history on a timeline of photographs is History Pin. This let users upload photographs, date them and slide the timeline through history to see the changes over time – whether clothing, transport or buildings.

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