Blurring to save face – hiding photograph elements

There are occasions when a great photograph which you’ve taken, which shows exactly the activity you want to share online, has a part of the picture which stops you doing so. There can be several reasons, whether a piece of text appears in the photograph which might share information which wouldn’t want to be shared (such as a house number, car registration number, a name badge or even a document being held by someone in the photograph); or faces of individuals who would not want their faces to appear online.

There are many free online tools which let you upload the photograph and apply a blur filter  (click here for a host of these tools). While you can blur an entire photograph to  illustrate the activity you are sharing on a website or blogpost, wouldn’t it be good to just blur the part of the photograph causing you the concern?

PhotoHide is a free online tool which lets you select faces or other elements of a photograph and very quickly blur these parts of the photograph and save a copy. You simply upload the photograph, drag the computer mouse over the feature to be blurred, click “hide” to blur that part and preview it, repeat as necessary on any other part of the photograph, then save to you computer. That’s it! Anything uploaded is deleted from their servers once you have completed the operation.

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