Need a huge poster for classroom display?

Have you ever wished you could increase the impact of a poster or photograph for your classroom by making it much, much bigger than the paper in your printer?

Perhaps you have an image of some historical figures or characters from a book you wish to have life-size on your classroom wall. Or perhaps a poster of tips for pupils for a teaching topic. But your school printer only prints on ordinary paper. So here’s what you can do:

Block Posters is a free online tool where you simply upload your image in jpg or gif format (maximum filesize is 1MB).

Then choose the paper type your printer uses and select the number of pages wide you’d like your enlarged poster to be.  BlockPosters will then calculate how big that will be so you can adjust the setting to fit the display space you will have available.

Then, having uploaded the image, the site will then create a series of PDFs ready for sending to your printer, with overlaps so that when you print them you can trim and stick them together. And there you have a very large poster just using your ordinary printer.

An alternative tool which does a similar job and is free downloadable  software to install on your computer is PosteRazor.


  1. Paula says:


    Thanks for your tutorial. I’ve been trying for quite a while to understand the tech-side of sign making! LOL I’m not computer-savvy! I finally got to the part, but my word–Cottage– is small and broken up into pages with series of letters and even the blockposters ad/unwanted stuff printed. I chose five pages big, and that actually looked too big, but the font is small and scrambled. What did I do wrong…frustrated!

    Many thanks!

  2. Malcolm Wilson says:

    Thanks for the question Paula – it might be that you have tried to print it as text rather than an image of text. I suggest taking a screen-capture of the word or creating a word in a paint editing tool and saving that as an image before uploading to blockposters

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