Microsoft Office 365 for Education

Creating a Cloud Collaborative Classroom with Office 365

Creating a Collaborative Cloud Classroom with Office 365

Microsoft 365 for Education is now free for educational establishments and it is Microsoft 365 for Education which is a core application suite of tools in Glow, Scotland’s national intranet for schools. This post brings together some resources to describe that suite of tools. And here are also are some resources to show how to make use of them. Microsoft Office 365 for Education complements the tools with which many teachers and pupils will be familiar  – whether Word, Excel, Powerpoint or Outlook. So if you are familiar with the dektop versions then the online versions should be an easy transition – and being online opens up a host of possibilities for sharing and collaboration.

So What is Microsoft Office 365 for Education?

Click on the video below for a light-hearted and fast-paced overview of Microsoft 365 for Education 

Click on the link below for a Powerpoint presentation about Office 365

What’s included in Microsoft 365 for Education

Microsoft 365 for Education (plan A2) is now free for educational establishments. Microsoft Office 365 for Education comprises:

  • Outlook cloud-based email and calendars with 50 GB storage per user
  • OneDrive cloud storage with unlimited storage for each user
  • Video conferencing including virtual whiteboard (uses Lync Online)
  • Facility to create and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote documents online (linking online versions of the familiar programs to the desktop versions).
  • Facility to share files and documents with classmates or create team, study group or club sites and collaborate on projects from any location with Class and Group sites (uses SharePoint Online)Antivirus and anti-spam filtering

Office 365: A Tour for Users is a series of short introductory videos introducing Microsoft Office 365 and the main features.

Case Studies

Click here for cases studies of the use of Microsoft Office 365 in educational contexts.

WeLearn 365 – Warwickshire’s Learning Platform is using Microsoft 365 for Education. This link to their Twitter account shows the development and support resources for their schools.  Example themes and layouts for pupil and school sites can be seen in this link for a primary school, for a user, and a different theme for the same user.

Office 365 in the Classroom – a free ebook – this provides classroom-focussed examples of activities of a classroom described in terms of how they are undertaken without Office 365, and then described where Office 365 is used – and giving a description of the tool used in Office 365 and the consequent impact on learning and teaching as a result.


ITHeadsUp – a fantastic playlist of short nugget-sized step-by-step tutorial videos about how to use each element of Office 365. Each video is very classroom focussed, providing examples of use of each tool for the classroom and how the tool can be adapted to meet the needs of teachers and pupils.

Microsoft Office 365 Help is the main page for Microsoft’s own online help resources for Office 365.  Here you will find resources presented in categories for each aspect of Office 365 – including on-screen and printable step-by-step guides, as well as videos showing the tools in use.

Microsoft Office 365 – a guide by Katherine Murray is a free-to-download manual of over 300 pages giving an overview of Office 365, step-by-step guides to tools and examples of scenarios of use of the various tools. This is a pdf format book which can be viewed online or sections printed as required. In the on-screen version you can click on the various headings in the contents page to access the appropriate section of help required. Or use the extensive index at the back of the book.

Lync – Click on the video below to view an introduction to Lync – the web conferencing tool within Microsoft 365 for Education

Sharepoint – click on the video below to view an introduction to using Sharepoint within Microsoft 365 for education to create a class site for sharing resources with your pupils and for a collaborative space – whether that’s adding images, adding text, a shared calendar or a host of documents. The video also shows how to ensure the pupils you want to be able to access resources can see what is required, while keeping restricted those resources you are not yet wanting to share.

Sharepoint alert on document changes – click on the video below to see how to set up an alert to notify you when pupils (or other colleagues) make changes to a document on which you are collaborating.

Sharepoint and Lync for timetabled online presentation – this video shows how to set up a timetabled online presentation with access by specified pupils.

Microsoft 365 Teacher resources – a series of resources in the Microsoft in Education Teacher site to support teachers using Microsoft Office 365 for Education. This includes tutorials, templates, examples of use, and related links to further resources.

University of Dundee Helpguides to Using Office 365 – includes guides to using each tool within Office 365 within an educational establishment.


  1. Everton says:

    I believe we are currently on hosted Exchange at our college, but I can certainly see the benefit of moving everyone, including perhaps the students, over to 365! Great post though Malcolm!

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