Managing Notifications in Microsoft Teams

When you use Microsoft Teams you might find yourself getting overwhelmed with notifications from Teams to which to which you belong. Instead of deciding to leave any Team, you can control notifications so that you get what you want, and in the way you want it.

So for some Teams where it’s good that you are a member, but don’t need notifications, then you can switch these off entirely.

For other Teams where you are responsible for that Team then you want to notifications of everything a sand when it happens.

And there’s lots of permutations from one extreme to the other!

Managing the settings for what notifications you receive in Microsoft Teams

It’s a 2-step process – one where you control how you’ll get the notifications, and second step to choose which teams and channels within them you wish or don’t wish to receive notifications about. Here’s a link to a guide to managing the settings for what notifications you receive in Microsoft Teams – this provides specific guidance for using in a browser or on mobile device Teams app.

Click here for guide to Managing Notifications in Microsoft Teams. Click on the tab for desktop (for desktop device or laptop/netbook), iOS (for iPads or iPhones) or Android for specific guidance for the device you use

Click on this link for a helpful video by Mike Tholfsen showing how to take control of your notifications in Microsoft Teams

Click here for TeamsTips101 – managing notification video


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