Lingro – add to any website for interactive dictionary and word games

Lingro – – if you want to use a website with pupils but think that pupils would be helped by having an on-hand interactive dictionary then consider using Lingro.  Just copy the website address of the website you wish to suggest to your pupils (e.g. and paste into the textbox on the Lingro site.  Now when you share with your pupils the resulting website address (the BBC website now becomes  it automatically includes the Lingro toolbar along the top and bottom.  So now when your pupils go the website it now becomes more interactive with vocabulary support.  A pupil just needs to click on any word they may not fully understand and it highlights that word and a small window appears with definitions of the word, as well as a speaker icon which, when clicked, will provide a real voice recording speaking the word. 

That’s quite a useful tool even if that’s all Lingro did.  But there is much more.  Every word the pupil clicks on remains highlighted and the pupil can then take part in activities with these words to reinforce their use of the vocabulary.  They can choose to use the flashcards game – this displays their highlighted words in random order (either showing the words or definitions – and the pupil can try to recall the matching word or definition before flipping the flashcard for each word in turn. 

And if that’s not impressive enough Lingro can also be used for a multitude of languages – translating words and providing definitions and voice recordings.

These facilities can all be used without registration or logging in – but by creating an account a pupil can build up a history of wordlists.  Teachers can also use this tool with an interactive whiteboard as a whole-class activity and at the end of a session looking at a piece of text on a chosen website can then use the Lingro games and wordlists at the end of a lesson or session.


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